We are the hosts
of the real estate market
for international investors.

International Jurists:

A global legal network of independent and local law firms which provides legal services through our international network of lawyers worldwide. This allows us to replicate each and every one of the services we offer in other countries.

Administrative procedure:

Management of all and every step of the bureaucratic processes necessary to realize an investment. From the opening of bank account, application of the NIE, processing of documentation related to compliance, and processing and obtaining the GOLDEN VISA.

Legal and tax advice and assistance:

We have the collaboration of the law firm Gimenez-Salinas, which is part of the Sekundi network of international debt collection professionals, and has the best professionals specialized in tax, commercial, civil, to give support to all the queries of our clients.

To advice and support in buying properties:

The team of Orience International offers properties suitable for each client according to their preferences. We work with the best real estate companies in the sector and we accompany and advise on any investment.

100% adaptability to the needs of our client:

Each client is different, unique and Orience International team will handle all your needs. Ask about our Golden Packs and the Investor Boutique. We have a specific solution for every need.

Economic advice:

Oriol Molas, General Manager and economist of recognized prestige with a long international career specialized in foreign investment analyzes, advises and supervises all and every one of the operations.