More global solutions

In addition to helping you to manage and invest your wealth through the residency and citizenship or second passport programmes, we also bring you other global solutions, offering and end-to-end support service before, during and after choosing the programme which suits you the best.

Life planning and wealth management:

  • We design a tailored plan for you and your family
  • We help you to invest better
  • We support you to organize your investment portfolio
  • We help you to improve your life
  • We act as mediators between the bank and you
  • We offer advice in all areas of law
  • We look for the best properties according to your needs
  • We bring you virtual tours of all the properties that you have selected for your investment
  • We take care of your property
  • We look for the best schools and colleges for your children

Global but local:

  • We offer legal solutions around the world, thanks to our alliance with the law firm Gimenez-Salinas, and we are part of the GBL Alliance Network, a global network of more than 30 independent law firms which offers international services for its costumers
  • We provide solutions all over the world thanks to our team which comes from different countries and gives you a personalized, worldwide and close service. 
  • We speak different languages; Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, Farsi, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish and we help you to invest in your own language  
  • We are specialist in the Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Caribbean framework and legislation
  • We work both in origin and destination and we advise you on your investments and how to get economic and other benefits. 

Get your residence and citizenship without leaving home:

  • You do not need to travel to apply for any of the programs. We can act on your behalf to carry on all the procedures.
  • We offer you a tailor-made solution according to your personal circumstances
  • We analyze, advice and supervise all the operations
  • We prepare and provide all the necessary documentation and government forms
  • We manage every step of the bureaucratic process
  • We stay by your side after you have done your investment, offering the best relocation services (schools and colleges for your children, general information about the customs and traditions of the country, language lessons, house decoration, airport transfer, rental car)


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Our team will be pleased to answer any question you could have. We also take the opportunity to welcome you to Orience International.