We are the hosts
of the real estate market
for foreign investors.

The real estate market in Spain is a booming sector, especially in cities like Barcelona and Madrid. In this framework of great opportunities, it is essential to rely on professionals who are experts in this sector, who will open the door and take us by the hand in this new area in which we are going to enter.

On top of this, it is necessary to count on the support and collaboration of professionals who are fully aware of the characteristics of the place, at all levels, such as the distribution and operation of cities, the legislative framework, procedures, equipment, services, customs, leisure and culture, languages and other facilities.

Having the accompaniment during all the phases of the investment project that we are going to carry out contributes security and allows to act in equal conditions. This is possible thanks to the support, professionalism and close care of Orience International.

Our goal is to eradicate any risk and protect those who decide to invest in Spanish Real Estate. We know first hand the needs of the foreign investor and all the necessary aspects of the place where they want to invest, we are at an intermediate point. We offer a personalized and transparent integral attention to international investors, ranging from the advice to the completion of all the necessary steps. We are specialists in obtaining the GoldenVisa.

However, our greatest value lies in the ability to understand our client, let him know that we are available for what he needs and ensure his comfort. In short, we take into account the human factor in the context of foreign investment.

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