invest spain

Investing in a foreign country might be seem as risky for many, and as an exciting opportunity to grow for others, and this largely depend on where is the investor from, and where does the person wanting to invest will finally destine her/his money.

There where to invest question has the often undesirable answer of it depends. However, there are many indicators on where it is best to invest, and Spain has become a well-regarded country when it comes to international investment.

Spanish economy is finally recovering, and it will hopefully continue to thrive within the years, and continue to be within the top 15 of most important economies in the world. Therefore, investing in Spain is still a great opportunity, as many sectors, such as real estate, are very valuable.

What to invest in Spain?

Spain can be seen as a diverse country when it comes to economy, especially based on services, and industries such as the mobile continue to be of worldwide importance. This makes it hard at first to decide what sector to invest in Spain.

However, there are three (3) thriving sectors in Spain to invest in, that should be of low risk and to generate a good ROI. These sectors are:

  • Real estate and investment property

Before the bubble burst and the start of the economic crisis that attacked Spain in 2008, real estate in Spain was a trend. Prices growing at impressive rates made many investors invest in real estate in Spain, and then panic as the crisis came.

However, now that things seem to be getting back to normal, and there’s a positive outlook in Spanish economy, prices of real estate in Spain are also recovering, and the best thing is that there doesn’t seem to be signs of another bubble burst.

Some of the most important cities in the country are also very densely populated, which increases the demand of people looking for housing, and causes rental prices to grow, making it a good opportunity for generating passive income.

  • Tourism

Spain is hot, both, because its weather is one of the best in Europe and the world, with many sunny days, and colder temperatures closer to the mountains. Overall, Spain has a rich culture and tradition, with influential figures in the arts, great food, and beautiful people.

This makes some cities in Spain to hit high numbers of tourists each year, with Barcelona being one of the most popular cities for tourists, but not leaving other places like the capital, Madrid, and the iconic island of Ibiza out.

Investing in tourism in Spain, if done carefully, can yield excellent results. Even combining investing property with tourism can lead to a healthy income by renting a good house near to touristic centers. Other industries widely benefitted by tourism can also yield positive results.

  • Services and tech

The entrepreneurial mindset and culture hasn’t passed Spain by, but it has stay in there. Cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are important startup hubs in Europe and worldwide, due to benefits such as considerably lower real estate prices, good quality of life and a very qualified workforce.

The fact that unemployment rate in Spain is still high, not only has affected its youth negatively, but it has also made them look forward, learn English as a second language and be creative, thriving in the service industry, the most important economic sector in Spain.


If considering what cities to invest in Spain, it’s capital Madrid is of course a major center, but Barcelona is also a hugely important city in the world; while cities such as Bilbao, Mallorca and Malaga also have a very good quality of life, and opportunities continue to appear.