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Sometimes, especially for international investors looking to stablish in developed countries, such as those within the European Union, may find it a bit discouraging when researching about how to get a citizenship in one of those cities.

However, the panorama doesn’t have to be so hard, as many countries are offering considerably easy path for acquiring citizenship, and Spain is one of these countries. This is an exciting moment if you are an international investor, or someone considering investing abroad, and you are interested in all the things Spain has to offer you.

The reasons for wanting to become a permanent resident or a citizen in a foreign country are many, as many might be motivated due to tough and uncertain conditions in their homeland, while others might simply be fascinated by the beauty of Spain, or the dynamic lifestyle of some of its cities.

The Spanish Golden Visa program

One thing any international investors wanting to invest in Spain should be clear about, is the fact that being a resident and being a citizen are two different things. And in Spain, the first one, obtaining a Spanish resident visa is considerably easy for investors, while obtaining a citizenship, while highly achievable, is a little bit more involved.

But don’t be discourage, since being a resident in Spain already brings you and your family the possibility to live in this beautiful country, work, for your children to go to school and university, and to travel freely around most EU/EEA countries. And from residency, obtaining citizenship is the natural next step.

As many other countries in Europe and the rest of the world, Spain offers a Golden Visa program, which encourages international investment to any people who invest in one of the following:

  • Buying a property (real estate) for more than €500,000
  • Buying shares of a Spanish company for more than €1,000,000
  • Having more than €1,000,000 in a Spanish bank
  • Having more than €2 million in Spanish public debt

After this, some documents need to be send, and hiring a lawyer may be a good option. This will grant the investor and her/his family with a resident permit for one year, which can then be renewed each two years, always that the investor has been in Spain at least once per year.

Get a Spanish citizenship for investment

After five years of have resided in Spain, the investor can apply for a Permanent Residency, by having lived for more than six months each year previous to the application for the permanent residency.

The citizenship comes after ten years, which shouldn’t be a too hard time to wait for, as a residency brings most rights one would expect, and the citizenship grants a Spanish passport, and all of the rights a person born in Spain has.

Also, after obtaining the Spanish passport, the initial investment that allowed the investor and her/his family to get the Golden Visa (if no further investment have been done), can be sold or dispose, as no more Golden Visa renewals will be necessary for the Spanish naturalized investor.