investment barcelona

International investment is an activity as exciting as it might be difficult, especially when taking decisions. And decisions when considering investing overseas can come in different forms, and one of the most prevalent ones is where to invest.

Right now, investing in Europe is a very popular option, as European market continues to be solid, and many European nations are still some of the most important economies in the world. Among these, one that has been attracting many international investors is Spain, with especial focus in investment in Barcelona.

Decisions are not over though, as Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and a thriving city, with important history and huge relevance for Spain, Europe and the entire world; which leads to yet another question, which districts and neighborhoods are the best to invest in Barcelona?

Why investing in El Raval?

Of course, that decision of choosing one neighborhood or the other continues to be something driven by many decisions variables, such as the goal of the investment: Whether it is to get a Golden Visa and to stablish in beautiful Barcelona, or it is to start a new international business.

But the neighborhood of El Raval, is definitely one with a high value among Barcelona’s neighborhoods. The importance of El Raval, located in the district of Ciutat Vella (literally Old City in catalan) is due to its recognition as one of the most vivid, colorful, visited and full of culture places in the entire Mediterranean city.

Investing in El Raval, means investing in one of the most important places in Barcelona, and that’s already a lot to say, being Barcelona such an important economic and cultural center in Spain and the entire Europe.

For investors looking to stablish in the exciting Catalan capital, El Raval is the opportunity of living in one of the most important points of the city, where there’s always so much to do, and where even famous people have lived; this makes it a great opportunity if looking to get a Golden Visa by investing in real estate in El Raval, getting the opportunity to live at a dynamic neighborhood.

Where to find the best investment deal in El Raval?

Being El Raval a neighborhood which has changed for the best since not so many years ago, the real estate market in this part of Ciutat Vella is thriving, with many opportunities to get a property in Barcelona.

The real estate offer at El Raval is quite impressive, with many options on a wide range of prices, mostly composed by apartments and flats; most of them in very good conditions, with modern interiors, and surrounded by the lives of hundreds of locals and tourists.

El Raval is also very famous for its bars and restaurants, apart from having some pieces of architecture and historical places that are often part of traveler’s itineraries. This makes it a great opportunity to invest in Business in El Raval, especially those involving services, entertainment and food.

Contacting with a real estate agency to get advice on finding the ideal international investment deal at El Raval is a great idea. However, if looking for references on prices and real estate opportunities, internet is a great resource to find investment opportunities in Barcelona.