investment property spain

Whether you are a local considering investing in real estate, or you are a seasoned international investor evaluating the idea of buying investment property in Spain; it’s good to know that this is actually a good time for real estate investment in Spain.

It seems the Iberian country is finally on the track towards a financial recover, and the darkest days of the economic crisis that hit Spain and the Eurozone are mostly gone, and even if there’s still a way to go for the country, things like real estate are recovering, and prices are quite good.

There are still a few questions to be asked however. Many investors looking to acquire Spanish investment property, may be concerned about what is the best city to invest in, and how to find investment property for sale in Spain. Luckily though, both questions have answers.

Best ways to find investment property in Spain

The real estate business in Spain is a quite active one, and after the so called bubble burst of 2008, prices are increasing steadily in the market, which is good for people looking to stablish, as there are still very good deals, and to invest, since renting is in a good position in Spain right now.

With this modest but attractive enough real estate boom that Spain is experimenting, real estate companies, either locals or international ones, are actively offering properties for sale in the whole country, and most of these options have good online platforms to find investment property in Spain for sale.

One of the best things is that Spain has a good tradition of being attractive for international investors, which makes local and national real estate agencies also willing to offer good services to investors overseas, offering services in English and other languages.

If you have a clear idea of where you want to invest in Spain, then get advice or consultancy from a local real estate agency would be a good first step. However, if you are still evaluating options, then there are excellent real estate agencies online, which will help you find the best deal for investment property.

When investing in property in Spain, make sure to have a clear goal in mind. If you want to generate good passive income for renting, you might consider a mid-o-large sized city with good commercial activity and an active university life. This way finding the best investment property will be easier.

What is the best city to invest in Spain?

Investing in properties in Spain has yet another important factor to take into account, and that is the amount of important cities the country has, which turns it into a very diversified economy, where the option is not necessarily so obvious when it comes to buying real estate in Spain.

However, the decision doesn’t have to be so complicated, as there are cities that are of huge and undeniable relevance in Spain. These cities are:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Málaga
  • Valencia

These are four important touristic, economic and educational centers in the Mediterranean country, which count with many investors, businesses, highly qualified workforce and renting and prices are good, even for major cities in Spain and Europe.