golden visa europe

Doing international investment is a decision that may take many different aspects into account. To begin with, being certain that the generated ROI (Return on Investment) will be good. But there are also many other things to take into consideration.

Definitely one of the most important factors comes in the facilities a country gives investors to reside freely in the country. Many countries in Europe have taken this into account, offering a program called the Golden Visa, which has proven to be very attractive for investors out of the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

Many European countries are encouraging international investment with their own versions of the Golden Visa program; and some countries have proven to be more attractive for investors than others, but the program seems to be making good results, and will probably continue and expand.

What is a Golden Visa and why to consider it?

Getting a resident permit, being able to live a normal life in a country, with children going to a high quality European school, freely traveling through the European Union; all of these are also deal breakers for someone considering investing a large amount of money in a foreign country.

Some European countries, as well as some countries in the Caribbean Sea and other important economies; are well aware of this, and have been offering the so called Golden Visa, a program that grants a visa to international investors.

The most popular European Golden Visa programs are

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Malta
  • Latvia
  • Cyprus
  • Hungary
  • The Netherlands

And other countries such as Italy, Bulgaria, the UK and Ireland also offer the opportunity to acquire a Golden Visa.

But, what is a Golden Visa, anyway? It’s the opportunity of getting a visa by investment (the amount and the type of investment depends on the country), allowing to bypass the often difficulties of getting residency permits in most countries in the world.

And how much does it cost? The range of prices, as well as the nature of the investment, some most accessible than others, vary considerably.

The range of prices starts as low as €250,000 and may be as expensive as €2,000,000 for a citizenship. While the nature of the investment also affects the prices, being the cheapest those accepting investment in real estate, while the most expensive are those requiring to expend in public debt and national companies.

Countries offering Golden Visa in Europe – Which one to choose?

With the many options to choose from offering a Golden Visa, it would be worth it knowing beforehand which countries have been the most successful ones encouraging the investment of foreign investors in the countries.

The top five Golden Visa programs are:

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. Malta
  4. Cyprus
  5. Greece

Among these, Greece is the cheapest country to invest in, and Athens, despite its economic hardship, continue to be a beautiful and attractive city. A Golden Visa can be obtained by investing more than €250,000 in real estate, and allows to travel the Schengen area.

While Spain is a highly attractive country for international investment, with an economy that is recovering, and real estate prices getting back to its old glory, which can make it a very good deal, and it costs an investment of more than €500,000 in real estate.

The island of Cyprus also offers the possibility of real estate investment for €275,000; but they also offer an interesting alternative for a citizenship by investing €2,000,000 in luxury property purchase as well as construction of projects of residential and commercial nature.