Eje Prime, online journal of economic information specialized in the real estate business in Spain, has interviewed our CEO, Oriol Molas, to learn about the impact of the coronavirus crisis on international investment,especially in the real estate sector.

Among the most important points Molas has discussed in the interview are:

  • International investment has suffered a severe setback with coronavirus.
  • Ongoing operations are being spaced and paralyzed and no new transactions are initiated.
  • When the health crisis is over, there will be a rebound in international investment in the real estate sector.
  • After this period the real estate will once again be an interesting and attractive sector.

Read the news here.

Immersed in the global crisis of the coronavirus, the experts of Orience International tell us the importance and advantages of having an alternative plan during crisis situations such as the current one.

First of all, when we talk about a plan B or alternative plan, we refer to the fact of having a residence abroad and/or possessing a residence permit or citizenship in another country.

As detailed by Oriol Molas, CEO of Orience International, “a global citizen must take into account different scenarios and plan well each and every one of his decisions”. In cases like the current one, having a plan B gives us more freedom: having a residence in another country gives you the freedom to choose under crisis situations. It also gives you “economic, political and social independence from your country of origin”, he explained.

In relation to the above, having a plan B or alternative is synonymous with greater tranquility and calm, what it means that in the face of an adverse situation, you have the assurance that you and your family are on a more stable stage. Most programs also allow you to obtain residency and citizenship for your family members, including child, as well as direct family members such as the spouse or parents.

The importance of planning

However, it is not necessary to arrive at crisis situations in order to evaluate and think about the options of acquiring a residence in another country. As citizens of the world, we must take into account the advantages of this option and seek professional advice to guide us and help us to make the best decision.

The professionals of Orience International are at your side to find the best solution for you and your family, and accompany you through all phases of the investment project, offering personalized and tailor-made attention. With a highly trained and multicultural team we empathize with you and guide you to take the best decision.

Due to the recent advance of the COVID-19 virus in Spain, at Orience International we are obliged to send a message of calm and responsibility to all our clients and partners.

In Spain, the number of those infected by COVID-19 continue increasing and therefore the Government is implementing some measures and recommendations for all citizens.

The entire Orience International team is following established guidelines, and continues to serve all of its clients normally.

The obligations contracted by our clients will continue to be fulfilled and the means of communication will be limited to telephone and email.

Orience International team remain at your complete disposal to continue serving your needs.

You can contact us by telephone or by mail:

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Moreover, if you are a resident in Spain, we give you several precautions to protect yourself and help the virus not spread:

  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water
  • When sneezing or coughing, cover mouth and nose.
  • Use disposable tissues
  • Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes
  • Avoid traveling

Orience International Team

Last week we published an article on our blog about the changes in the Golden Visa Portugal, because the Portuguese government has restricted the golden visa for investment (minimum € 500,000) in the cities of Porto and Lisbon and their respective metropolitan areas. This change in the law will come into effect from 2021 and aims to promote the promotion of investments in areas of low population density and the poorest, as well as encourage urban requalification in cultural heritage or activities of high environmental and social value.

From the beginning of the Golden Visa Portugal until the end of 2017, 71% of the total golden visas were granted in the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon and in the Algarve area and only 1% in Porto. As we can see, the bulk of the investment was for the capital, although in recent years investments in Porto have increased due to the high prices of Lisbon.

The measure, that was approved last week by the Portuguese executive, will not be applied immediately. According to the government itself it will be from 2021, so as not to alter the investments that are already underway. Most likely, this announcement will increase investments in Porto and Lisbon pending the entry into force within a year.

Oriol Molas, CEO Orience International

The 22 @, within the district of Sant Martí, is the technological neighborhood par excellence of Barcelona due to the number of corporate offices, companies and start-ups that we find.

Anyway, this could change in the coming months, as the Barcelona City Council plans to enact a license suspension with the aim of reformulating residential uses and raising more protected housing.

On the one hand, neighbors and associations are satisfied with the news, while the economic sector remains in expectation and understands that a successful model recognized by experts from around the world is being put in check.

The City Council initiative proposes to triple the percentage of roof planned for housing, which would go from a reserve of 10% to 30%, which would mean between 5,000 and 6,000 new floors, and guarantee the mix of uses.

On the other hand, the economic sector of the city is restless before a possible suspension of licenses that consider it would create more legal uncertainty. At this time, the City Council has decreed six license suspensions that affect specific streets of the city, neighborhoods or, in the case of activities such as gas stations or betting houses, all districts.

And we can not forget that the 22@ is, in the eyes of investors, the area par excellence of the city where to host offices and new corporate buildings are built.


Likewise, the document for a new 22 @ also intends to review the special Industrial Heritage plan of Poblenou. This rereading wants to preserve the industrial historical heritage seen as a whole of the Poblenou neighborhood, not as isolated and decontextualized pieces. Moreover, a program of historical memory of the neighborhood has been claimed to help disseminate heritage values ​​and lost identity due to the 22 @ construction process.