If you are a holder of the Golden Visa Spain then you and your family are the lucky ones who can travel to Spain in 2021.

Since June 7, 2021, Spain is open to FULLY VACCINATED persons. Spain does not yet have a Covid-19 Passport but they are connected to the EU Digital Covid Passport Gateway.  

Who are allowed to travel to Spain this summer?

  • Travelers from most of the European Union and Schengen areas are allowed to travel to Spain without being subject to quarantine requirements as long as the infections rates in their country of origin are low.
  • Travelers from non-European Union Covid-19 safe countries that have an agreement with Spain are allowed to travel to Spain even if they have not been vaccinated. These countries are the following: Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Israel, Rwanda, Singapore and Thailand.
  • Travelers from the United Kingdom and Japan are no longer required to present Covid-19 test results or undergo quarantine upon entering Spain.
  • Travelers from the United States and other third countries are allowed to travel to Spain provided they have been FULLY VACCINATED with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and have received the vaccine 14 days before entering Spain. These are the vaccines produced by Pfizer, Janssen, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sinopharma and Sinovac. These travelers must still provide a negative Covid-19 test result upon entry into Spain.
  • All persons crossing the land border between Spain and France must provide a negative Covid-19 test result.

Restricted entry for arrivals from several countries

Spain is one of the European countries that have been badly affected by the Covid-19 virus and had one of the most stringent lockdowns in 2020. Spain re-opened in the summer of the same year but experienced a massive surge. They locked down again in November until May 2021.

Spain would like to keep the Corona-19 virus under control and limit the number of cases imported from other countries. Therefore, they have very strict rules against specific countries.

  • Travelers from India are subject to a ten-day quarantine upon arrival in Spain.
  • Visitors from other countries not mentioned in any of the categories are still not allowed to enter Spain unless they have special permission to do so by the Spanish government.

 The following can apply for a Golden Visa Spain:

Exceptional entry authorizations are given to the following persons:

  • Residents of a country of the European Union, Schengen Associated States, Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican (Holy See) or San Marino who are on their way to that country. They must be in possession of a valid travel document and a residence card issued by one of the aforementioned States, including the Spanish Foreigner Identification Card (TIE).
  • Holders of a national visa (Type D) issued by an EU State or Schengen Associated State on their way to that country. The visa must be in force.
  • Health professionals, including health researchers, and elderly care professionals who are on their way to or from work.
  • Transport personnel, seamen and aeronautical personnel required to carry out air transport activities.
  • Diplomatic, consular, international, military, civil protection and humanitarian personnel in the exercise of their functions.
  • Students carrying out their studies in the Member States or Schengen Associated States who hold the relevant visa or foreign student card and medical insurance, provided that they go to the country where they are studying, and that the entry takes place during the academic year or the previous 15 days.
  • Highly qualified workers whose work is necessary and cannot be postponed or carried out remotely, including participants in high-level sports events that take place in Spain. These circumstances must be documented.
  • Persons travelling for duly accredited imperative family reasons.
  • Persons who, at the border, provide documentary evidence of force majeure or a situation of need, or whose entry is permitted on humanitarian grounds.
  • Persons vaccinated with one of the vaccines authorized by the EMA – European Medicines Agency or with those who have completed the emergency use process of the World Health Organization. They must be provided with a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Health of Spain.


Countries like Spain that rely on the tourism sector had experienced the negative impact of the pandemic during the past year, and the release of the COVID-19 vaccines has given hopes to the government to welcome, once again, travelers from around the world. Last May 21, the president of the Government in Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced the new updates that will benefit the economy of the country, as well as foreigners that are thrilled to visit the Mediterranean country.

Starting June 7, international travelers that have received full vaccination against COVID-19 can travel to Spain. This means that even tourists from the US will be welcomed to visit once again the country, as long as the visitors provide a certificate that proves that the travelers have received a full vaccination against COVID-19 authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or by the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, last Monday, May 24, citizens of countries safe from COVID-19 were considered eligible to travel to Spain once again. These countries have been classified with low intensity of COVID-19 cases, and the list includes the UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, China, Israel, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand and Rwanda.

These positive changes in the entry bans in a touristic country like Spain will improve the country’s economy, and will be advantageous to the tourists that have waited for over a year to visit the beautiful beaches and taste the exquisite Spanish cuisine. Furthermore, international entrepreneurs that were seeking to start a business in the country are now welcome to the country, as long as they had received the full vaccination against COVID-19. As the president of the government said, “Spain is pleased to welcome international visitors once again”, for it will help the country’s recovery, and it will mean a step forward towards the new normal for travelers.


Some weeks ago, the European Commission announced that in order to let tourists enter the EU countries, they will be granting certificates to travellers that have received full vaccination against COVID-19 or, alternatively, have recently received a negative test result or have recovered from the infection. This decision was to help improve the tourism industry of the countries that have border controls and entry bans for over a year now to avoid the entrance of non-residents of the country that wanted to make a visit. Nevertheless, the release of the vaccines has motivated the EU countries to look for solutions for residents and visitors to adapt easily to the new normal, and restore the freedom for travelling. You can move freely around Europe thanks to this certificate and your Golden Visa

The president of the European Commision, Ursula von der Leyen, first presented the EU vaccine passport in March. This certificate would enable people to travel to any European country without the need of a 14-day quarantine upon arrival to the country and have unrestricted access to public places starting June of 2021.

Changes of the UE Travel Certificate

Following the new updates on the certificate with the summer season approaching, some changes have been proposed by the MEPs, which includes the modification of the certificate’s name into the “EU COVID-19 certificate” instead of the Digital Green Certificate. Moreover, the certificate should be in place for a maximum of 12 months and will specify the vaccine the holder has received and the amount of doses. The vaccines that have been approved by the European Medicines Agency include Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Thus, non-European people with one of these vaccines will be eligible to visit an EU country that has lifted the restrictions.

Golden Visa to travel around Europe

Some European countries offer various programs to foreign entrepreneurs that want to acquire a residency permit in the country. The best option in the market is the Golden Visa, which will also allow them to establish a new location for a partnership, or to find a new home for their family. The EU COVID-19 certificate will also open new opportunities to international investors that want to travel to an European country for business.

The golden visa is granted once the applicants have invested in real estate within an EU member country that offers this program, such as Greece, which will allow foreign visitors with the COVID-19 travel certificate to enter the country this summer as the Tourism Minister Harry Tehocharis announced on March 9. The holders of this visa and their family members will be able to live, work and study in the country, as well as to have the opportunity to travel within the Schengen area without the need of an additional visa.

The EU COVID-19 certificate will be the first step for international families that want to visit or relocate to an European country with the use of the Golden Visa. There will be no need for them to quarantine, self-isolate or test upon arriving – visa-holders with the COVID-19 certificate will be free to enjoy the summer in one of the amazing beaches in Greece, or savour the magnificent Spanish cuisine in a terraza in Les Rambles in Barcelona.

With the Golden Visa, the summer of 2021 in one of these European countries that have lifted their restrictions to visitors that are holders of a EU COVID-19 certificate can turn into a longer stay. This investment in real estate is the free pass for whole families to enjoy a more prosperous life, with the chance to change location in crisis situations or when unexpected life-threatening situations, such as the current health crisis. The EU COVID-19 certificate will allow you to enter the European country you choose, but with the Golden Visa, you and your family can stay.


The negative effect of the COVID-19 on the economies of European countries has led the European Commission to look for a solution that will benefit the tourism industry. The EU wants to resume travel in Europe through the implementation of vaccine passports, which are certificates granted to travellers that have received full vaccination against COVID-19. This set of certificates will include the vaccination certificates (vaccine used, data and place of inoculation and number of doses administered), negative test certificates, and/or medical certificates for people that have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days. The EU vaccine passport was presented by the president of the European Commision, Ursula von der Leyen, as the Digital Green Certificate, which will enable people to travel to Europe without the need of a 14-day quarantine upon arrival to the country, and have unrestricted access to public places; only possible if you have the golden visa.

Moreover, as the number of vaccine doses are rising while the summer of 2021 is approaching, European countries that were unable to open their gates last year are preparing for a new wave of tourists that will possess a vaccination passport.

What is the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa Europe is the best option for foreign entrepreneurs that want to acquire a residency permit, and are looking for a location of their new business, or their new home. The release of the Digital Green Certificate will be advantageous for these international investors that will need to travel to a European country.

The golden visa is granted once the applicants have invested in real estate within a EU member country that offers this program, such as Portugal, Spain and Greece. The holders of this visa and their family members will be able to benefit from the many advantages that come with the permit, which include having the opportunity to travel within the Schengen area.

Freedom of movement in Europe with the Golden Visa

International visitors that have the COVID passport will be once again be welcome to enjoy island-hopping in the beautiful islands in Greece, savor the tapas, paellas and claras along with other exquisite dishes in Spain, and experience the magnificent climate of Portugal; all of this will once again be possible with the Digital Green Certificate, and with the Golden Visa, investors and their family can choose to shift from a summer-long stay, to a permanent address.

On the other hand, if the purchase of real estate in these touristic countries is not for residing, but for business, entrepreneurs that apply for the Golden Visa can use the properties that they buy for short-term rental business (Airbnb) and profit from the beautiful and touristic countries of Europe. In line with this, the vaccination certificate will provide assurance and be advantageous to EU countries, as well as to international entrepreneurs that decide to invest through the Golden Visa.


International investors choose to live in Madrid for its excellent quality life. With its perfect weather, and delicious gastronomy, the capital of Spain is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the country. Many foreigners choose to live in Madrid, as being the capital of the country carries a significant advantage to entrepreneurs that want to become successful in their business, compared to locating in a non-touristic part of the country. Discover in the next post, why living in Madrid is a good idea:

An average of 6 million tourists visits the capital each year, which makes it a strategic market location for attracting locals, tourists and citizens from neighboring countries. Furthermore, the city has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe, which can easily give you the opportunity to visit other places in Spain, like Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia.

The best way for investors to live in Madrid is through the Golden Visa Spain, which comes with the opportunity to live, work and study in the country along with their family members. Applicants for this visa will be entitled to benefit from the recent reforms in the Spanish Education System, and the free high-quality healthcare system, as well as to be able to travel to the different countries within the Schengen area without the need of an additional visa. The process for this residency option typically l takes 60 days, without a minimum required length of stay in Spain in order to benefit from all rights granted by it, as long as the investor chooses among these investment options:

  • A real estate investment of a minimum of €500,000
  • A €1,000,000 investment in shares or business of Spanish companies
  • A €2,000,000 investment into Spanish government bonds
  • A fund transfer of €1,000,000 into a Spanish bank account

Living in Madrid: how can you get the Golden Visa?

The first step to apply for the Golden Visa Spain is to reach out to f our experts in Orience International to advise you on what is the best investment option for you. If Madrid is your preferred location for its advantages, you will proceed with the submission of the required legal documents as well as the residence application. Once your residence application has been examined and approved, you will be issued a residence permit that will allow you to enjoy the high-quality life that Madrid offers.

Before you start your application, you must decide where you are going to live in Madrid. There are different options: the history, art, architecture, parks, gastronomy and leisure options are scattered around the city, making it a decision based on your preferences. The famous Puerta del Sol’s neighborhood, Sol, and the residential neighborhood of Salamanca, are two of the most popular and touristic places to live in Madrid. It combines sophistication and rich cultural alternatives into the area, which can be perfect for some expats that enjoy residing in a lively place. The high prices in this area are arguably reasonable, and having the famous Retiro Park and the Paseo de la Castellana, for Salamanca, and the heart of the country, Sol, as your daily view is worth it.

If you are looking forward to living in Madrid in a place where you can find beautiful green places and modern skyscrapers in one area, you can choose to live in Tetuan. The diversity of cultures that fills this neighborhood, great parks, such as the Sahagun and Dehesa de la Villa, and the rich gastronomy in the area, has welcomed families and professionals to live in this side of Madrid. On the other hand, La Latina and Lavapies are less touristy than the previous mentioned. These areas are some of the most colorful neighborhoods, offering classic Spanish vibes with the best places to eat some tapas. Expats that decide to live here will have a more quiet and quaint experience.

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The contemporary city of Barcelona is the choice of destination for internationals that want to experience one of the best cities in the world combined with wonderful beaches and mountains. Its perfect Mediterranean weather welcomes everyone that wants to enjoy the culture, art, and gastronomy that the city offers, backing up its title of being the eighth-best city in the world to live and work in. For many locals, one of the secret paradises that the city hides is the wide park of Collserola, where an 8,000 hectare area of dense forest to hike, bike, or simply explore is located within the city’s metropolitan area. If you want to live in Barcelona, you may like this information:

El Parc de Collserola is one of the largest natural parks in Europe, a place where families go to discover and learn from its natural area with a diverse flora and fauna, as well as to have the opportunity to witness an amazing overview of Barcelona. This park represents a natural and ecological treasure to the city of Barcelona, filled with different landscapes brought by over 1,000 major plants cataloged and the 300 different species of animals living there. The best way to enjoy the park is to hike from the Parc del Laberint to Sant Cugat, where the park trail will be drawn like a maze that will lead you to different paths and sights. This walk through the largest park of the city will offer you an experience of a lifetime, for many may have visited the old streets of El Gotic and dined in one of the restaurants in La Barceloneta, but not everyone has had the chance to hike the hidden gem of Collserola.

One of the best places to live in Barcelona is the Sarria-Sant Gervasi area, which is part of the urban area near Collserola. Families that choose to reside in this upper northwest of the city will have the opportunity to live in the wealthiest district, with a safe and peaceful environment and easy access to the mountain life that Collserola offers. International families that wish to relocate to Barcelona choose this area for its distinguished and well-maintained buildings and streets, such as the Bellesguard designed by Gaudi. The seven neighborhoods of Sarria-Sant Gervasi consist of Bonanova, Can Caralleu, Sant Gervasi, Sarria, Tibidabo, Les Planes, and Vallvidrera. These neighborhoods have in common that all of them have incredible private properties with high-end luxury features that are far from the busy and crowded city center, as well as a magnificent view of Barcelona, while being surrounded by the beautiful park of Collserola.

Another reason why the Sarria-Sant Gervasi area is one of the best places to live in Barcelona is for the different top-rated international and English-language schools that are in the neighborhood. Residents of this part of the city will have access to the schools that have revamped their education system, improving the teaching quality, innovation, infrastructure, and curriculum to adapt to both foreign and Spanish students that enroll in the institutions. Some of these international schools in the area of Sarria-Sant Gervasi are the Benjamin Franklin International School, St. George’s British School, and Santa Clara International School. For instance, international families that choose to live in this neighborhood will ensure that their families will live in the best area of Barcelona, with access to the best schools and with the opportunity to hike and explore El Parc de Collserola.

If you are planning to buy real estate in one of the neighborhoods in Sarria-Sant Gervasi to live in the city along with your family, this is the best time. According to the real estate company Colibree, the price of housing in Barcelona will fall between 20% and 30% in the coming months due to the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, this decrease and the many advantages of living and working in Spain will attract many investors to purchase real estate and obtain residency in the Catalan city.

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Portugal is in the process of updating its Golden Visa programs in 2021, as we had announced some months ago. The changes in the requirements of the Portuguese Golden Visa will encourage international investors to target other areas of the country with low population, rather than in the more popular cities of Porto and Lisbon. This will help the country gain a more balanced environmental and social status, as entrepreneurs must redirect their companies and funds to more remote places than in the typical urban cities. Nevertheless, international investors will still have the opportunity to benefit from this long-term plan, while experiencing the Mediterranean lifestyle in one of the safest countries in Europe.

The new deadline before international investors can acquire their Portuguese Golden Visa through investment in the metropolitan cities of the country is in March 2021; therefore, all the applicants that have submitted their residency permit petition before the end of 2020 are holding their breath for it to be released before the third month of 2021. The new restriction will fully affect investors that are planning to purchase property this year, as Portugal wants to spread the locations where international entrepreneurs are buying real estate.

These modifications in the Portuguese Golden Visa do not change its popularity among investors and their families that want to live, work and study in one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Portugal is consistently on top of the Annual Global Retirement Index for 2020 for its affordable lifestyle, high safety rating and the professional quality of healthcare; the main reasons international investors choose this country as their life plan despite the new restrictions. Aside from these advantages, the Portuguese Golden Visa will give you the right to work in the country, and choose from a variety of schools with a high standard international educational system, which includes 2 of the 10 best European universities. And as part of the Schengen Area, once you acquire the Portuguese Golden Visa, you can travel to the countries that are in the Schengen Zone without the need of another visa. Among the 26 countries that you could visit include Germany, the Netherlands and Finland.

However, the new restrictions in the Portuguese Golden Visa will not apply to the fund investment option or other investment options. Therefore, the investment fund option with a 350,000€ investment minimum remains the best opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in a start-up or medium-sized project with great development potential. This investment opportunity introduced in 2018 has different sectors regulated by CMVM, Portugal’s regulator, where the applicant can choose to invest in different sectors, such as real estate, technology and industry. The main benefits of the Portuguese Golden Visa option are that the sectors are being handled by qualified experts, and the capital that is invested are tax-friendly, where dividends and capital gains are returned to the investor through subsidies or financed by the FDI, the Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento. On the other hand, the Algarve is another alternative for international investors that want to purchase real estate with the new restrictions on the Portuguese Golden Visa. It complies with the minimum requirement to be submitted for its lower density location, compared to more populous cities in Portugal, for as low as 280,000€ or 400,000€.

Portuguese Golden Visa, acquisition process

To apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa, applicants must prepare their documents and submit their residence application. Upon approval and payment of the permit issue fee, the residence certificate will be released with a validity of one year. In order to successfully obtain the permit, applicants must stay in the country for at least 7 days during the first year, and 14 days in the two following years. Once you have the Portuguese Golden Visa, you will have the option to later apply for Portuguese citizenship, wherein you will be a holder of one of the most valuable passports: the Portuguese passport.

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The Golden Visa Canada allows entrepreneurs to invest in the Top 1 country for Quality Life in 2020 by becoming permanent residents with the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits as Canadians, which includes free public education and universal healthcare.

As the world’s second-largest country, Canada is a G7 country with one of the world’s best-performing economies, with a diverse business environment that welcomes international investors to relocate their business for a successful outcome. The residency will also be granted to the family members of the investors, as well as the benefits that come with the permit, which include access to an excellent education system with numerous respected private schools and elite universities that will ensure the best performance of their students. As a matter of fact, in the country, there are five of the world’s top 100 business schools.

Canada is known for its high standard of living, ensuring a safe environment due to its low crime rate, and its political and economic stability that backs up its title of the world’s best country to live in given by the UN. In addition, this huge country has an unspoiled environment with strict environmental controls that ensures preserving the variety of natural resources with delightful landscapes of well-reserved forests, mountains, and oceanic coastlines, being the world’s second-largest oil reserves and fourth-largest supply of freshwater.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor, also known as the Golden Visa Canada, will allow you to become a resident of the number one country in quality life by choosing an investment option:

  • Full investment of CAD $1.2 million in a government-guaranteed bond held for a period of five years
  • Financed investment of CAD $350,000 paid to a financial intermediary who purchases the government bonds on behalf of the client.

At the end of the full investment, the money invested will be returned to the investor without any accrued interest (0%). On the other hand, the money invested in fees and interest as a financed investment is non-recoverable as it will cover the full $1.2 million bond purchase.

Aside from choosing from the two options for investment, the investor must demonstrate knowledge and business experience and provide the documents that support the source and origin of the funds. The investors (along with their families, if applicable) should have lived in Canada for at least 3 years preceding the application to be qualified for citizenship. The Golden Visa Canada can lead investors to Canadian Citizenship, which grants visa-free access to 171 countries from around the globe; the whole family will be eligible to visit majestic beaches from the Mediterranean to Latin America, have a taste of international traditional delicacies, and experience multiple cultures with the Canadian passport. After 3 to 4 years the investor and his family can apply for Canadian citizenship, as long as they also possess a good level of English and/or French, have no criminal record, and have acquired knowledge about the right and responsibilities of citizenship, as well as an understanding of Canada’s history, values, institutions, and symbols; this will ensure that the international investors and their families adapt to the strong sense of community that Canadians have, as according to OECD, Canadians trust their fellowmen.

After you have compared and chosen from the different options with the help of professionals that will guide you to the most suitable option for you and your family, here are the expected government fees for the application for your residency:

  • Government application Fees – CAD $15,235 for the principal applicant and family members
  • Federal Government Fees – the permanent resident application processing fees will cost more or less $1,750 depending on the number of children ($150 each); the right of permanent residence fee will cost $980 for the applicant and spouse; children are exempted from this fee.

As you become a citizen of the country through the Golden Visa Canada, you will now be part of one of the safest countries to live in. This life-long investment will benefit the investor and his family with business opportunities in the number 1 country for the best quality of life.

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Orience International team wishes you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Spanish residency-by-investment-program or the Golden Visa Spain offers and grants the right to legally reside, work, and live in Spain in exchange for an investment in a property (or properties properties) for a minimum of €500,000. Due to its history and affinity with Spain as a former colony, the Golden Visa Spain is very popular with Philippines.  As an investment with value added benefits, it sets one up for a better-planned future and comes in handy should the unexpected occur. Particularly for those with family and loved ones, it is a potential source of additional recurring income. In the following article we are going to tell you the all you need to know to get the Golden Visa Spain.

Essentials about the Golden Visa Spain

The Spain Golden Visa program is gaining popularity every year. Spain broke the record number of visas in 2018 for the fifth consecutive year. The Spain Golden Visa program was enacted within the framework of the Law to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization. With the intention of promoting and incentivizing foreign investment in Spain, Law 14/2013 was enacted, aimed to support entrepreneurs wanting to relocate to Spain. The law also establishes the different immigration benefits that a Filipino citizen can obtain by making a significant capital investment in Spain. It is thought to be for investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified personnel, R&D&I training and intra-enterprise transfer. According to Spanish nationality law, the residence permit may lead to a permanent residency permit. Permanent resident card for 10 years then leads to Spanish passport citizenship. That also grants one citizenship within the European Union. Filipinos and citizens of other former Spanish colonies may be eligible to obtain a Spanish passport as early as two years after receiving the first residency visa.

If you are from the Philippines, the most practical way to obtain the Spanish Golden Visa is to make an investment of €500,000 (Philippine Peso 28.5M PHP) in real estate in Spain. To be eligible for the Golden Visa, the applicant must:

  • be a Non-EU citizen
  • over 18 years old
  • an International investor
  • present a no criminal record in any of the places you have lived in
  • have no previously rejected Schengen visas
  • have the necessary resources to face the expenses during your residency
  • have valid health insurance

Alternatively, one may invest a minimum of €1M (57M PHP) in shares in a Spanish company or bank deposits.

Main benefits of the program

The Spanish Golden Visa offers a lot of benefits. Equivalent to Residence Permits, the primary applicant and their whole family (spouse, children under the age of 18, older dependent children legally or economically dependent on parents, dependent ancestors) are permitted to live in Spain. As residents of Spain, you and your family members can leverage Spain’s premier health and education system. The Golden Visa Spain will give your children the opportunity to learn in a school that leads the world rankings. Spain has been updating its educational system through new and innovative teaching methodologies to offer the best quality education to its Spanish and foreign students.

They will also be entitled to enjoy the privileges of traveling freely within the Schengen zone without the customs checks and to all Schengen zone countries visa-free up to 90 days in a 180-day period.

Additionally, one does not need to live in Spain to renew the Golden Visa. Should one choose to live in Spain, you become eligible for permanent residence after five years. The Spain Golden Visa is also a pathway to Spanish citizenship. Typically, you can apply for citizenship after ten years of residence. However, this timeline is shortened to two years for citizens of former Spanish colonies.

It is a sound and wise decision to apply for the Spanish Golden Visa once you have invested the required amount. You have to be committed to making the investment, although it does not necessarily need to be finalized. The earliest you are permitted to apply is three months in advance of your intended trip to Spain. You can apply for a Spanish Golden Visa from your country of residence, by submitting your application at the Spanish embassy or consulate. You can also file a visa application for a Golden Visa directly in Spain if you are here with another valid visa.

Lastly, as an investment decision, each client should carefully undertake due diligence on both the planned investment and the service provider they choose to work with. It is also wise to seek a professional opinion on the potential tax exposure in both their current country of residency and in Spain. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask. We will be happy to help you throughout the process

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