The Mediterranean country of Greece is famous for its ideal climate and marvelous landscapes, which is the reason why Greece is the chosen destination for millions of tourists every year. During this pandemic, strategic investors are seeing the undervalued real estate in the potential islands of Greece as a business opportunity, for the beauty and the promising profit of purchasing a property in one of the best islands of Greece. There are 6,000 islands, of which 227 are inhabited, that form the European country of Greece, whereas with the Golden Visa Greece, foreign entrepreneurs might find a new location for their business and a desirable place to live in.

Best moment for retirees to invest in Greece

The country is also the chosen destination for foreign retirees that want to live their retirement days seeking for beautiful landscapes, rich culture and lots of island-hopping spots.

The best islands to live with your Golden Visa Greece

  • One of the islands a holder of the Golden Visa Greece would probably choose to live in is in the largest of them all, Crete. The Greek island of 1,600 square meters is perfect for those who want to experience traditional Greek food: exquisite cuisine with homeland cheese, honey and olive oil, as well as delicious goat, rabbit and smoked-pork dishes.

Crete offers a distinguished landscape, such as the Samaria Gorge, a national park with an area of 16 km where you can hike and take amazing pictures; beautiful and unique beaches, like the Elafonisi Beach famous for its pastel pink sands; and visits to some of the most historical places in the country, like the glorious palace of Knossos, the ancient Minoan ruins that have been referred to as Europe’s oldest city.

The island is also perfect for entrepreneurs that decide to buy a property to lease to tourists for short term stays during peak season. Nevertheless, Corfu is home to 630,000 people, which promotes great business opportunities to those who choose to live on the island, regardless of the lack of tourists due to the pandemic.

  • Corfu is another place where your island lifestyle dream can come to life. Located in the Ionian Sea near Italy, Corfu has been influenced by Venetian, British and French colonies through the years, which have contributed to the wonderful essence of the island.

In Corfu, you will experience the sensation of being in the very Italian Tuscany with the traditional villages and large olive fields, blended with historical and cultural places, such as the Old Town of Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage, and the sandy and gorgeous blue water of the beaches in the island; perfect for foreign residents that want to have the best of Greece, all in one place.

  • Moreover, for those who are searching for the best place to buy real estate for business purposes, or want to simply live in a dreamy town, the island of Santorini must be the ideal location. Chosen by many as their honeymoon venue, Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and breath-taking islands in the world. With over two million tourists annually, and still lively during winter with plenty of tourists that want to avoid the wave of visitors during summer, Santorini is Greece’s most visited island; perfect to live in and for business.

The Golden Visa Greece will give you the chance to live in one of these exceptional islands, while still having the opportunity to make profit from your real estate purchase.

There are other islands to choose from, such as the traditional and quiet Naxos, the choice for the unaccompanied, or the affordable lifestyle that Lefkada offers, a haven for retirees.

Regardless of where you choose to live, the philoxenia (word that translates to “friend to the stranger”) Greek culture, guarantees that all new residents of Greece will be welcomed to their new home.


The Portugal Golden Visa allows international entrepreneurs to widen their opportunities by investing in the huge digital and tech startup that Portugal offers. Furthermore, the country has a low cost of living, and ranks as one of the top safest countries in the world. The visa has different investment options, which will allow the applicant and their family members to get the residence permit, and then live, work or study in Portugal.

Process to obtain the Portugal Golden Visa

The process time of the visa is 90 days; however, there are no requirements to live in Portugal in order to obtain the permit. Once you acquire your Portugal Golden Visa, you will be eligible to travel within the Schengen zone without the need of any additional visa. 

Benefits of living in Portugal

The main reason entrepreneurs from around the globe are considering acquiring the Portugal Golden Visa is because the country is known as Europe’s hottest real estate market. Foreign investors are eyeing on properties all over the country to turn into a rental business, or to move in, for the many benefits that come from living in the country.

Portugal offers its residents a low-cost comfortable lifestyle that includes luxuries such as having the chance to enjoy some of the best food in top restaurants of the country, which is an affordable experience compared to other countries in Europe.

Another important asset of living in the country is the marvelous weather the Mediterranean country has: perfect temperature and climate throughout the year. Hence, Portugal has become home to many international entrepreneurs that share their knowledge and develop their business in the country, making Portugal a growing startup hub, which India, a potential superpower country, is part of.

Options for the indian population to obtain the Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa is the most popular for Indians that are reaching to invest in a foreign property. Asides from the ideal Mediterranen weather, growing community of international entrepreneurs, and the good quality of life, the Portugal Golden Visa will allow Indian families a safe location to reside.

Due to the situation that the on-going pandemic has created, holders of this golden visa can relocate anytime in the safest country in Europe during the COVID-19. The country implemented a safety protocol in accommodations, and public places such as restaurants and shops to ensure the prevention of the spread of the virus.

Indian entrepreneurs that decide to live in the Mediterranean country through the Golden Visa Portugal will easily adapt because Portuguese people are good English speakers, making business transactions and everyday conversations more comfortable. This makes meeting people and forming new circle of friends an easy task in Portugal, whereas you will also have the opportunity to practice the native language.

Portugal Golden Visa through an investment

Wealthy Indians that decide to acquire the Golden Visa Portugal will be eligible to live, work and study in the country through an investment.

The most affordable option is the investment of  €280,000 in a rehabilitation project in a low-density area, if the property is not located in a low-density area, the acquired property and the renovation works must be equal to or be greater than €350,000.

Nevertheless, the best investment option available for the Golden Visa Portugal is by investing €350,000 in an investment fund, which will grant the applicant and their family members to legally stay in the country, and benefit from the advantages of the golden visa.

In addition, Indians becoming residents of Portugal brings the Indian and Portuguese startup ecosystems closer to facilitate joint innovation between the two economies, creating collaborations between inventors, incubators and aspiring entrepreneurs for both countries that will enable growth in their business.

To apply for the Golden Visa Portugal, Indian investors must prepare the legal documents and submit the application for residence. Upon its approval and payment of the permit issue fee, the residence certificate will be released with a validity of one year.

New regulations about the Portugal Golden Visa have been implemented recently by the Portuguese government. The changes are about the requirements of real estate and the capital transfers investment. These updates will take effect on 1st January 2022. You can see these changes by clicking here.

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Germany is the largest and strongest economy in the European Union, and the fourth largest economy in the world, giving the country the title of the economic powerhouse of Europe. This has become possible because the country offers opportunities to residents that benefit both the residents and the economy of the country. Moreover, Germany is known for the quality of its high tech products, the superb infrastructure and the safety and security of investments, making the country the perfect location for entrepreneurs from India that want to invest in a business with guaranteed success. Indian investors are welcome to the country as there are various immigrations programs developed to support their business ideas, which have helped create a multicultural community within the country of prosperous families from different nationalities, with a high standard of living. In this article we will explain how to apply for the Golden Visa Germany.

Educational system, one of the benefits of the Golden Visa Germany

 One of the salient aspects that should be considered by Indians and other international families that are planning to reside in Germany is the opportunity to study in the country which includes top ranking schools.

German universities that place amongst the top slots in these rankings have their own international offices in India, attracting the interest of the families to reside in the country and enroll their children in some of the most prestigious schools, such as the University of Cologne, the Technical University of Munich and FU Berlin.

Indian students will be able to complete their course of studies in the country entirely in English, where they can choose from practical content in study courses, technical courses of study, or collaboration with the business world. Furthermore, students can apply to numerous scholarships or enroll in a German state university, which does not charge tuition fees, to avoid any financial obstacle in the completion of your studies.

Indian students choose Germany as the location of their schooling for it is proven that graduates from German universities and research institutions enjoy better career options in business and industry compared to graduates from other institutions in other countries.

Why the Golden Visa Germany is a good idea 

Since India does not allow dual citizenship, the best route for Indian entrepreneurs is to obtain the Golden Visa Germany, a residence permit through investment.

In order to apply for this permit, the investor must have an economic interest or a regional need involved, as well as the demonstration that his business will have a positive impact on the country’s economy. Then, investors must contribute €250,000 in real estate, and an additional investment of €100,000 in an ongoing regional development project, a total investment of €350,000.

This visa will allow the applicant, spouse and children below 18 years old to legally reside in the country for a period of 3 years. The principal investor will be expected to conduct his specified economic activity, while the other family members are allowed to take up any employment in Germany.

In addition, the permit holders are allowed to visit other countries within the Schengen area for up to 90 days per visit in each six month period.

When you can apply for citizenship

Should they opt to become German citizens, the family can apply for their permanent resident status (also known as the settlement permits) after 21 months within the 3-year period if they demonstrate that their German language level is at B1 intermediate level, or in 33 months if they prove that their German language skills are at least equal to A1 basic level.

To maintain their residence status, the permit holders must not leave the country for more than 6 months, either if they are still temporary or permanent residence permit holders. After 8 years of legally residing in Germany, applicants will be eligible to apply for German citizenship and obtain the German passport.

Indian citizens will automatically lose citizenship of India once they become a citizen of another country, because India restricts dual citizenship.

Nevertheless, holding a German passport will allow them to enjoy certain benefits, which includes having access to 188 countries and free movement within the entire European Union.


Known for its distinguished architecture, turquoise water, and splendid Mediterranean weather, Palma de Mallorca is one of the prime destinations for tourists and expats that decide to live in Spain. According to Statista, the capital and largest city of the Balearic Islands welcomes different nationals from a variety of countries every year, Germany and the United Kingdom being on top, with over 4.1 million and 2.4 million respectively. Not only does the island attract short-term visitors, but the exceptional beauty of the Spanish island, the easy lifestyle, and the stability that the city offers makes Palma the new home of choice for thousands of expats each year. In this article we will tell you why it is a good idea buy real estate in Mallorca.

Reasons to buy real estate in Mallorca

There are many reasons why international investors choose to buy real estate in Mallorca. Through investment, foreigners can acquire a visa that will let them live, work, and study in Spain.

Thus, families from all over the globe can reside on the island with the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle, where the perfect balance between work and leisure, family and food is achieved.

Characterized by its splendid climate, dreamlike beaches, and singular architecture for its mixed Arabic, Spanish and modern features, Mallorca is a splendid place to live in. Furthermore, in spite of its small size, the island is well connected with direct flights to all major European cities. Son Sant Joan Airport in Mallorca is the third busiest airport in Spain after Barajas in Madrid and El Prat in Barcelona, with an average of 29.7 million passengers in 2019, providing several national and international airlines that offer connected flights to distant places all over the world that support the robust number of visits each year.

Majorican architecture characteristics

Another reason foreigners choose to buy real estate in Mallorca is for the exceptional architectural style characteristic of the island.

Houses all over Palma de Mallorca have distinctive elements that make the design of the buildings unique and stunning, wherein the main materials used are based on the regions they are located in. For instance, the use of stone in the construction of Majorican houses is because of the abundance of this material in the island. In the montane region of Tramuntana, the famous architectural style is the use of hard limestone; in Raiguer, the center of Mallorca, the use of stone and mud; and in Migjorn, in the south of the island, traditional buildings are made by hand-extracted stones from the seashores. Aside from the different forms of stones present in the architectural design typical in Mallorca, the use of wood, natural sunlight and terracotta colors are other ingredients present in their architectural design.

These features give the houses in the island the warmth and coziness that combined with the weather and the Mediterranean lifestyle, makes Mallorca an irresistible location to buy real estate.

Why residency in Mallorca is a good idea for Brits

As mentioned earlier, British are abundant in the Mediterranean island, not only as tourists but also as permanent residents of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. Mallorca has become the escape route for Brits that have had enough of the gloomy and stressful life in the UK, exchanging it for the paradisiac lifestyle and wonderful weather in the island. Architecture and location are also aspects that British have in mind when purchasing buy real estate in Mallorca.

Investing in a luxury villa in Tramuntana will ensure gorgeous views in a pleasant and relaxing home, which can be the location of your plan B home for expats that acquire their residency permit through investment.

This option could be perfect for Brits that have decided to move outside their country because of Brexit (exit of UK from Europe), as buying real estate in Mallorca will grant them the chance to live, work and study in the country: a dream come true for expats that want to reside in Mallorca, one of the best places to live in the world.

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The warm weather and fine scenery of the Caribbean make it the perfect place for people that loves summer vibes all year long. Located on the east coast of Central America, different cultures and the tropical climate blend together to create the best location for foreigners to live, work, and retire, through Caribbean citizenship.

The more than 7,000 islands that form the Caribbean archipelago have become a great opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs that want to grow their careers, for the thousands of tourists that visit the islands every year make the Caribbean a wise bet for its great potential in the long-term. Moreover, compared to the lifestyle in the western countries, the Caribbean Islands offer a reasonable and affordable way of living, which along with the year-round sunshine, the beautiful island life, and the exquisite cuisine will guarantee you the best quality of life.

Programs to obtain Caribbean citizenship

There are different Caribbean countries that offer Caribbean citizenship by investment or financial contribution to a development fund, which will grant the holder to acquire the Caribbean passport. By becoming a citizen of the country, you will be eligible for a second passport, which will give you the opportunity to choose freely to leave your residing country and move to the Caribbean when unexpected situations occur, letting you live a more prosperous life. Furthermore, these are the different programs available that will help you get the second passport through the Caribbean citizenship with the best benefits, which is also ideal for those who aim to travel freely to different countries while having great business opportunities.

Antigua and Barbuda, the best Caribbean citizenship

The best place for business opportunities and excellent lifestyle which offers Caribbean citizenship through investment is Antigua and Barbuda. This country is located between the great Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which has a population of more than 80,000 and has over 365 beaches with sublime white sands and azure waters that attracts tourists all year long. The investment options available in Antigua and Barbuda are:

  • Investment of $400,000 in a real estate project approved by the government for not less than five years.
  • Contribution of $100,000 to the Antigua National Development Fund ($125,000 if your family consists of five or more members).
  • Establish a business worth $1.5 million or $5 million if you are more than two investors.

In addition, there are fees to complete the application, which include the processing fees of $7,500 each for the principal applicant and partner, $4,000 for every dependent above 18 years old, and $2,000 for every dependent between 12 and 17 years old.

Once you have decided on the investment option and paid for the fees, you will be eligible to enjoy being a dual citizen. The process of your second passport will take a few months, but once you are a holder of the Caribbean citizenship, you will not be subject to capital gains tax, and you will be allowed to travel without an additional visa to more than 130 countries.

Dominica, Caribbean citizenship

On the other hand, the country that offers the most affordable opportunity to acquire a second passport through the Caribbean citizenship is the small island of Dominica, famous for its natural hot springs and beautiful tropical rainforests. The 275 square mile island located in the Eastern Caribbean has two investment options:

  • Make a one-time contribution of $100,000.
  • Investment of a minimum of $200,000 for three years in a government approved property.

This Caribbean citizenship through investment program has the most economical options, which will grant you a second passport and all the benefits that comes with it, including a lifetime citizenship and the chance to travel without a visa to over 118 countries.

Whether you are looking for a business opportunity or a plan B for your family, there are different Caribbean countries that can offer the best Caribbean citizenship programs for you.

Caribbean citizenship is one the most attractive and profitable options that we offer you. Remember that you can apply for the programme without leaving your country. Our team will manage all the procedures and documentation, so you do not have to worry about anything. Contact us.


New regulations about the Portugal Golden Visa have been implemented recently by the Portuguese government. The changes are about the requirements of real estate and the capital transfers investment. These updates will take effect on 1st January 2022.

Real state updates:

  • Investors will not be able to invest in areas with high-density population such as Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve, as well as coastal towns like Setubal and the Silver Coast.
  • In inland territories or in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira, only real estate investors will be eligible to acquire the Portugal Golden Visa if the housing properties are worth €280K and up (acquisition) than or equal to €350K (rehabilitation).

Capital transfers changes:

  • The requirement of the amount of the capital transfer will increase from 1 million euros to 1.5 million euros.
  • The minimum subscription requirement of the Investment Fund will increase from 350,000€ to 500,000€.
  • Will increase investment in research from 350,000€ to 500,000€.
  • Investment into an existing Portugal-registered business will increase from 350,000€ to 500,000€.

It has to be taken into account that applicants have until the end of 2021 to take advantage of the current Portugal Golden Visa scheme.

The suspended rules of the Golden Visa of Portugal will continue in 2022

Due to the COVID pandemic, the government’s new Portugal Golden Visa rules had been suspended in 2020. They are now scheduled to move forward again. In fact, legislative amendments to Portugal’s Golden Visa program will go into effect in January 2022, preventing investors from buying properties in the areas named above.

These changes of the Portugal Golden Visa are designed to drive investment in low-density locations of the country, relieving pressure from metropolitan areas and encouraging foreign investment in other areas of Portugal.

Portugal Golden Visa new rules: the property sector expected to be affected

Real estate professionals have expressed concern about the changes, as they can hurt the real estate market. Therefore, it was expected that the suspended changes of Portugal Golden Visa would not go ahead.

However, the Golden Visa new rules will help boost low-density areas and balance out the property market.

There are low density areas with high growth potential that offer excellent property locations for Portugal Golden Visa investors and their families. Some examples are Douro Valley, Aljezur and Peneda Gerês. For only €280K, individuals can invest in low-density areas renovation projects and become eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa Program.

Will the Portugal Golden Visa changes impact existing investment in Porto and Lisbon?

You will not be impacted by the Portugal Golden Visa updates if you are in the process of purchasing a property in a high-density town.

However, if you are interested in purchasing a property in Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve, now is the time to do so as changes, because the new rules will come into effect on the 1st of January 2022.

The rest of Golden Visa’s investment routes will not be affected by the updates and will remain available. If you are not particularly interested in investing in real estate, the Portugal investment fund golden visa is a very attractive investment route. You can become a Portuguese resident for a minimum investment of 350,000€.

Portuguese Golden Visa, acquisition process

To apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa, applicants must prepare their documents and submit their residence application. Upon approval and payment of the permit issue fee, the residence certificate will be released with a validity of one year. In order to successfully obtain the permit, applicants must stay in the country for at least 7 days during the first year, and 14 days in the two following years.

Once you have the Portuguese Golden Visa, you will have the option to later apply for Portuguese citizenship, wherein you will be a holder of one of the most valuable passports: the Portuguese passport.

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Andorra is the best choice for those who seek to live in a safe country with beautiful landscapes and with an advantageous tax system. Yearlong outdoor activities that include road or mountain cycling during the warm weather, and skiing in the Pyrenees mountains during winter, welcome an average of 10.2 million visitors annually; a very touristic country regardless of its small size. One of the best options is to obtain the Andorra residency by investment. Aside from the wonderful views Andorra offers, the cost of living in Andorra tends to be 30% lower compared to other EU countries, with the possibility of living in an 80 m² apartment in La Massana for as low as €650/month. Whether you want to visit the country or move in, the travel time is around 2.5 to 3 hours from Barcelona and Toulouse, where the nearest major airports are located.

The main benefit of living in Andorra is the tax system that the country has, for its unusual burden on the citizens. It is stated that a married couple residing in the Pyrenees country has to earn at least €40,000 before they pay any income tax, and after that, their tax will be capped at a maximum of 10%; the same amount of tax is applied to corporate income, which is advantageous to entrepreneurs that want to start a company in the country. Andorra also welcomes those who enjoy high-end retail shopping, as there is no sales tax and VAT is only 4.5%; one of the lowest compared to other European countries. Furthermore, people choose  to live in Andorra for its safety, as the country has almost no violent crime, having one to zero homicides per year. With its two entrances to the country patrolled by police, Andorra is known as one of the safest countries in the world.

Types of Golden Visa

In order to live in that country, foreign citizens can apply for two different types of Andorra residency by investment:

  • Andorra Active Residency – after staying in the country for at least 183 days per year and paying tax in the country, you will be allowed to live and work in the country. There are two choices under this program, the “residència i treball per compte propi” or simply “compte propi” which is the active Andorra residency by investment program for self-employed applicants that are going to base their company in Andorra; and the permit through work contract, wherein you will be acquiring your visa through the help of an employer.
  • Andorra Passive Residency – allows non-citizens to become residents without having to live in Andorra. Under this program, all the economic activities regarding your business can be managed outside the country. To be able to apply for this visa, the applicant should spend at least 90 days in the country and will be required to earn a total of €38,999.88 (300% of the minimum Andorra salary) in income per year. This passive Andorra residency by investment program has different types, for professionals in international business, internationally accredited athletes, scientists, and artists, or the residence without lucrative activity; each with their own specific requirements and benefits.

For the advantages that the Pyrenees microstate offers, many international families have decided to turn Andorra into their home. The country is known for its multicultural society, welcoming expats from all over the world but keeping Andorra’s essence. The government offers free Catalan classes to newcomers for them to learn the official language of the country. This also happens to be a great place for newcomers to meet and get to know other residents and exchange advice on the best hiking spots during the summer, or the ski resorts near Ordino and La Massana that offer a year-round pass for less than €170.

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International investors that are interested in applying for the Golden Visa Portugal must be aware of the new updates in the program. As announced, the new restrictions of this program will disqualify buy real estate worth €500,000 in cities such as Lisbon and Porto which are highly populated, as well as investing in the coastline of the country, a restriction that the Portuguese government has enacted in order for potential buyers to invest in second tier cities and rural properties, rather than in the typical urban areas. These changes in investment options will help Portugal gain a more balanced environmental and social status. Consequently, many investors opt to buy real estate higher value properties in remote places, such as purchasing a luxury property in a low-density area such as Guimaraes, with just over a 50,000 population or in Evora, known to be the second ‘most livable’ city in Portugal.

The best cities to invest

  1. The city of Coimbra, in the center of Portugal, is one of the best alternatives for entrepreneurs to buy real estate, for its large population (140,000) and its proximity to Lisbon and Porto. Healthcare businesses, universities and its historic heritage makes this town a good choice to invest in real estate; a five-bedroom house in the suburbs of Coimbra would cost around €225,000.
  2. Another alternative is the city of Braga, a beautiful city near the mountains that is filled with baroque palaces and ancient Portuguese architecture. The price of the apartments in this zone starts around €100,000, but you can also acquire a fully restored residence with five bedrooms, a pool and a sala de armas for €2,000,000.

The best options to avail of the Golden Visa Portugal by investing in real estate are:

  • Investment of €280,000 in a rehabilitation project in a low-density area. The property to be purchased must be at least thirty years old and undergoing renovation. If the property is not located in a low-density area, the acquired property and the renovation works must equal to or be greater than €350,000.
  • Investment fund of €350,000. Entrepreneurs must invest in a start-up or medium-sized project under different sectors, namely real estate, technology or industry,  with great development potential as it will be handled by qualified experts, and the capital that is invested is tax-friendly.
  • Investment of €500,000 in real estate. The property can be new, restored or old as long as it is located within Portugal; perfect for investors that seek to use their property as a second home or a retirement destination. If they buy real estate that is located in a low-density area, the minimum investment amount will be reduced by 20%, bringing it to €400,000.

Nevertheless, the reason why international investors choose to acquire the Portuguese Golden Visa is for the benefits that come with this residence permit, which include the right of the applicant and family members to live, work and study in one of the high standard international schools that are in the country. Moreover, the Golden Visa Portugal will allow you to travel within the countries in the Schengen Area without the need of acquiring any additional visa. Portugal is known as one of the most peaceful countries in the world that offers a low-cost quality lifestyle and has a professional healthcare system.

The application process for the Golden Visa Portugal starts with the submission of the residence application along with the legal documents. Once approved, applicants must pay for the permit issue to acquire the residence certificate, which has a validity of one year. Afterwards, permit-holders along with their family members must stay in the country for at least 7 days during the first year, and 14 days in the following years. Once you are officially residing in the country, you may be eligible to apply for the Portuguese passport.

New regulations

New regulations about the Portugal Golden Visa have been implemented recently by the Portuguese government. The changes are about the requirements of real estate and the capital transfers investment. These updates will take effect on 1st January 2022.

You can know all the changes by clicking here

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Brexit has convinced many UK residents to plan and move to a European country that offers a residency permit and later, citizenship. One of the best options for British citizens is to obtain EU citizenship by investing in Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, or Spain, for their quick processes and without the need to reside in the country prior; in a period of two months, British nationals can become EU citizens by residency permit. Among all the options available, the most affordable choice is investing €250,000 toward Greek Golden Visa or residency, followed by €300,000 in Cyprus and €350,000 in Portugal. If the UK residents are planning to switch to an EU citizenship the quickest way, Maltese citizenship can be acquired in just one year, after investing a minimum of €800,000.

For UK citizens to obtain the Greece Golden Visa, they will have to first apply for residence status and obtain the new biometric residence card before the June 30, 2021 deadline. The card is similar to the residence cards that are issued to other non-EU nationals living in the EU and will grant the holder the rights defined in the Withdrawal Agreement, wherein the cardholder and family members will be exempted from ETIAS and visa requirements when moving to Greece. Once you have obtained your new residence card, you will have to request documents in the Aliens Department located in the area you will be going to reside. Afterward, you will be eligible to apply for the Greece Golden Visa.

This Greek residency permit allows you to grow a business by investing in real estate while having the opportunity to benefit from the various advantages from living in Greece. The applicant and family members will have access to free healthcare and the prestigious educational system of the country, as well as having the opportunity to travel to different countries in the Schengen Area. Furthermore, the holders of the Greece Golden Visa will be able to choose from undervalued real estate among several potential neighborhoods of the country as a business opportunity. Many investors choose the Mediterranean country as their choice for short-term rent (Airbnb). Some of the best neighborhoods to buy real estate in the country for a reasonable price are in Kerameikos, Psirri, Exarcheia, and Kypseli, for their easy access to public transportation and its proximity to the famous Acropolis.

The unique architecture within its 2,000 islands, where famous historical locations, art, and gorgeous metropolises attract tourists from around the globe, is the reason it is strategic for international entrepreneurs to live and invest in the country. In fact, Greece has been labeled the new hot investment destination for its price drop, offering plenty of top quality real estate in the market at an affordable price. The investment options for the Greece Golden Visa are:

  • Purchasing real estate of €250,000 to be held for the duration of residence and for a minimum period of 5 years.
  • Lease real estate or a timeshare of €250,000 to be held for the duration of residence and for a minimum of 5 years.

After choosing the location of your new acquisition, Orience International professionals will help you choose the best investment route based on your preferences. Later on, the applicant will proceed to submit all the legal documents as well as the residence application. After your residence application has been examined and approved, you will be issued with a residence permit. This visa is the most affordable and fastest in Europe – in just 60 days you can obtain your EU residence. In the case of Greece, it is required to reside for 5 years in the country before you can apply for citizenship.

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The combination of sea and mountains, with the prosperous city life of the Mediterranean city of Barcelona renders it the choice destination of many expats, making this community account for 20% of the city’s population. International professionals view the extraordinary weather of the Catalan capital, the low cost of living, and the mix of different cultures as the perfect place to live, and the large number of international families that are residing in the city further prove this point. The proximity to other neighboring countries in Europe and Africa, as well as the diverse public that includes locals and a myriad of non-Spanish citizens makes the coastal city one of the best places in Europe to locate your business and target a larger and more varied audience. In the next post we are going to talk about the main advantages of living in Barcelona:

The city is not only enjoyable for tourism and amusement. There are many libraries, coffee shops, and public areas in parks or universities that carry a quiet and peaceful ambiance hidden inside the busy city, perfect for people that want to bring their work outside their houses. Moreover, families from different parts of the world decide to live in Barcelona for the top-rated international and English-language schools that are in some of the best neighborhoods in the city, such as in Sarria-Sant Gervasi, providing their children with an international-level educational system combined with a safe and peaceful environment. These elite schools are proven to be even better than institutions in Finland, Japan and Korea. Moreover, students have the opportunity to learn the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish, which will ensure an advantage in work application and culture development. Consequently, there are many international professionals that choose living in Barcelona, regardless of their actual place of work, willing to fly back and forth just to be able to enjoy the sleepless streets of Las Ramblas, the modern and historical architecture, and the spectacular views that the beaches like La Mar Bella, or parks like Collserola, offer free of charge.

Living in Barcelona, which neighborhood I choose?

As international migrants venture to live in Barcelona, there are different neighborhoods in the city that are unique and ideal for everyone depending on the priorities one has. One of the best places for international investors to live is in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of L’Eixample, a massive suburb filled with modern shops, chic bars and restaurants with historical buildings such La Pedrera and La Casa Batlló of Antoni Gaudí, as well as the famous Sagrada Familia, as your daily view. Public transportation is really accessible in this area for the numerous bus and metro lines, perfect for people that work in any other part of the city. A 2-bedroom apartment averages €1,000-2,000 per month.

For families that are looking to live in Barcelona’s wealthiest urban area, they can choose as their new home from the neighborhoods of Sarria-Sant Gervasi and Les Corts, located in the upper northwest of the city near the natural park of Collserola. Private properties with rustic yet sophisticated facades are abundant in this part of the city, far from the crowded center, where housing prices can rise up to €2,500; but with the best international schools, safe and luxurious streets and El Parc de Collserola near, Sarria-Sant Gervasi and Les Corts are the best areas for families that want to live in Barcelona.

Lastly, for expats that are seeking to live in the heart of the city where everything is near and different cultures fill the streets, Ciutat Vella is the perfect place. This area consists of four neighborhoods: El Raval, La Barceloneta, El Gòtic, Sant Pere, and Santa Caterina i la Ribera; each of them with different characteristics yet so close to one another. Here you will find the best cuisine from around the globe, cozy and exceptional music bars, even Roman ruins glassed off in the middle of a park. This area has a charming and unique atmosphere that will make anyone fall in love with Barcelona (if they haven’t yet!), as it is difficult to compete with a neighborhood that boasts art, history, vibes and the beach, all in one area.

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