According to the latest published figures, Spain broke the record again last year with the granting of the Golden Visa to international citizens. In total, 8,061 visas were granted in 2019, 22.6% more than in 2018, and the most common assumption was investment in real estate for an amount of more than € 500.000, excluding permits for family reunification or business transfer.

More specifically, a total of 681 citizens obtained the Golden Visa Spain through real estate investment in Spain, compared to 599 in 2018, which represents an increase of 13.7%. If we look at the number of permits granted, based on nationality, the Chinese were the first, followed by the Russians, Iranians, Americans and Mexicans.

The assumptions for which last year more visas were granted was intra-company transfer with a total of 1,361 permits and highly qualified professionals with 1,650 permits. In the first case, these are changes of residence due to work reasons and in the second, all the relatives (wife or children) from whom they have obtained permission are grouped.

On the other hand, and according to the College of Registrars, last year international citizens bought 3,858 homes in Spain for more than € 500,000 and of these, 1,393 operations were carried out by non-EU buyers. Mainly, the purchase of these properties was made in Catalonia, Andalusia, Madrid, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, in this order.


Nationality permits

If we look at nationalities, China gathers the majority of residence permits, a total of 1,686, followed by Indians and Brazilians. One of the trends in recent years is the increase in the granting of residence to nationalities of South America, such as Colombians or Mexicans.

In the case of obtaining the Golden Visa through an investment of more than € 500,000, we again find Chinese citizens (455 Golden Visa), followed by Russians (42 visas), Iranians (21), Americans (16) , Mexicans (13) from Saudi Arabia (11), Egyptians (10) and Filipinos (10).

Some figures from 2020

If we look at the latest available data for 2020, in January 50 Golden Visa were granted for the purchase of a property of more than € 500,000 and 31 in February. According to all the assumptions, 782 permits were issued in January and 563 in February.

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Information: El País


Slowly, the European countries are returning to normal after the coronavirus crisis. Portugal has been a clear example of good management and, in addition, it is one of the most attractive states to have a plan B, that is, an alternative, a residence permit, in times of crisis. In the next post we talk about the Algarve, an ideal coastal area to apply for the Golden Visa Portugal program.

According to a classification done by Forbes magazine, the Algarve is in the top 3 of the best areas in the world where to diversify heritage, invest and enjoy a very good quality of life for you and yours. The area of ​​Mazatlan in Mexico and Cayo in Belize accompany him on the podium.

As we have explained on previous occasions, Portugal is a very attractive country in the eyes of international investors and many see the country as an ideal alternative to start a new life. Having a plan B is a guarantee of freedom, tranquility and calm when things get complicated.

Why the Algarve?

If you do not know this area of ​​Portugal, you will fall in love quickly. Located in the south of the country, the region is known for its beautiful and spectacular beaches and golf courses. It is also located in an area with a temperate climate and is in one of the safest countries in the world. In addition, the area is very well connected with North Africa and the rest of European cities.

On the other hand, it has a good health system, a very interesting feature for those interested in obtaining a residence permit. In summary, we can say that all these characteristics make the Algarve a destination with a high quality of life and, also, very affordable, ideal for those looking for a place to retire or a second residence in a quiet area, but with all the services at hand.

How to get the Golden Visa Portugal?

The Golden Visa Portugal is a program that offers a residence permit in exchange for a minimum investment of € 280,000 in the real estate sector. There are other options to benefit from this program, but the quickest and easiest is the one mentioned above.

What can Orience International offer you?

If you are interested in the Golden Visa Portugal, at Orience International we have a unique and special project for you. It is an investment of € 280,000 in the Sierra de Monchique, an exclusive area of ​​the Algarve with a lot of charm. Remember that with the residence permit you can freely move around the Schengen area and get citizenship after five years.

At Orience International we advise you according to your characteristics and objectives, to find the best program for you and your family.

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Greece offers the most economic Golden Visa program in Europe and also is the heart of Europe where the western civilization began. Moreover, the climate, beaches, islands or the way of living, made the country a very attractive option for international investors. One of the most famous programs is the Golden Visa Greece, which gives the residence in exchange for an investment in the real estate market. In the next article, Elaine Wang, Orience International specialist in compliance, explains the main changes in the Greek Golden Visa program:

Latest update of Golden Visa Greece program:

Here are the main changes of Law 4251/2014 that are now in force (after the publication of the Law 48/68/2020) :

1) We no longer need the passport in order to receive the Golden Visa, only a certified copy of the passport and the blue statement. The Law doesn’t specify who must certify the copy of the passport, but most likely passports will be certified by greek lawyers.

2) The Investor doesn’t have to pay the whole purchase price before the time of the contract, just before the filing of the application. In this case, two contracts will be signed a) the main purchase contract and b) a receipt – contract for the final payment of the purchase price. Moreover, an additional statement drafted and signed by the Notary which will include all the details of the payment will be required.

3) The Ministers of Economy, Development and Immigration are authorized by Law to issue a joint decision in order to adjust the minimum purchase price for the investment and to draft a catalogue of different areas of Greece with different minimum purchase prices for the investment with a duration of at least five years.

4) For the children of the Investor, the Golden Visa can be renewed for another 3 years, until the child becomes 24 years old.

At Orience International we have an office and a team in Athens that can help you through the entire investment process and will accompany you so that you and your family have the visa.

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On other occasions we have talked about the attractions of Portugal in the eyes of international investors. As we have previously explained, the country offers many characteristics that make it a great opportunity for international investments in the real estate sector. In the next post, we tell you how you can get Portuguese citizenship.

How to get the Portuguese citizenship

From the outset, you should know that there are several ways to get Portuguese citizenship and one of them is through investment, and more specifically with the Golden Visa program. It is a program that offers residency, and later citizenship, in exchange for a minimum investment of € 280,000, with other investment possibilities both in the real estate sector and other types of operations.

Once the investment is made, keeping it in time, and after five years, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship to the country’s institutions. You must prove the investment, as well as the minimum stay of 7 days during the first year, and 14 days in the following four years. In addition, you must demonstrate knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Another option is the acquisition of Portuguese citizenship by right, that is, the one granted to a person who has lived in the country for five years. In the same way as in the investment residence, the interested person must prove the stay in the country for a minimum time, be of legal age, have a clean criminal record and a minimum knowledge of the Portuguese language.

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In recent years, Portugal has been ranked among the best countries to invest in real estate. Along with Greece and Spain, the Portugal offers endless opportunities for international investors. In the next post, we explain why it is a good time to invest in Portugal and all the information you need to know.

Portugal, and more specifically Porto, is an attractive alternative for investors, especially in luxury housing. The city is at the top of the rankings, competing with European capitals such as London or Vienna. According to the latest data, Porto is one of the cities that will best withstand the crisis caused by the coronavirus. For this reason, now is a good time to invest in Portugal.

Invest in Portugal, all advantages

As we have previously advanced, investing in Portugal is synonymous with success. With an excellent quality of life and, at the same time, affordable, Lisbon and Porto are the two great cosmopolitan cities that attract the largest number of investments. Likewise, the country presents very attractive prices, compared to large European cities, which make it the destination of many international investors and great fortunes.

Another element to take into account is that Porto, and Portugal as a whole, has done a very good management of the coronavirus crisis. Consequently, the real estate market has remained solid during this period.

Golden Visa Portugal, the best solution for you

If you are thinking of investing in Portugal, we have the best option for you. The Golden Visa Portugal program is one of the most attractive and accessible in Europe. With an investment of minimun € 280,000, the lowest amount in all of Europe, you can get Portuguese residence for you and your family (wife and children under 18). However, there are other investment options.

Another advantage of investing in Portugal is that you can move around all the countries of the Schengen area with complete freedom. In addition, there is only a minimum stay of 7 days the first year and 14 the second and third. After five years, you will be able to obtain Portuguese citizenship.

If you want to invest in Portugal, contact us. Depending on your situation and the objectives you have, we will recommend the residency program that best suits you and your family. If you are looking for a high quality of life, as well as quality services, invest in Portugal is a very good option.

Also, remember that you can invest and request the program that suits you best without leaving your country. Our team will manage everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Barcelona is one of the most impressive cities in the world and, therefore, one of the most recommended for investment. The Catalan capital does not stop deafness, to grow, to evolve. Invest in Barcelona is the same as constant opportunities: new neighborhoods emerge and those that are already needed continue to transform. The opportunities increase, and the investor not only has more and more assets, but they are also very different which makes the operation even more interesting.

The real estate sector of the city of Barcelona is constantly expanding. The city is affected by one of the accounts with the best international economic promotion in the world. One of the best valued aspects of the Catalan capital is its efficiency in combining the use of technological intelligence and urban planning strategies. Its culture, the architecture it presents, the economic activity that takes place in it, the cultural diversity, etc. are also of great interest.

 Orience International by your side

If you want to invest in Barcelona, contact us. Depending on your situation and your objectives, we will advise you on which residence program is best to invest in order to achieve the objectives you have set: a high level of quality of life and social well-being, good weather, good health and education services.

Moreover, you can apply for any program without leaving home. Our team will carry out all the management so you don’t have to worry either leave your country.

 Neighborhoods to invest in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has countless places that are worth discovering. In this post we will focus on four neighborhoods that have the ideal characteristics to invest in Barcelona.

Right Eixample:

 This neighborhood conquers due to its proximity to the city center and, in addition, it houses some of the most representative monuments of Barcelona: La Pedrera and Casa Batlló, among other architectural jewels. The modernist style that permeates the buildings is characterized by high ceilings, hydraulic mosaic floors and large windows that show the city and let in plenty of light into the homes. In this neighborhood you can find both small apartments of 50m2 up to more homes that exceed 500m2. On the other hand, it also highlights its wide range of services and public transport. Investing in Barcelona and, especially, in the Eixample neighborhood is betting on one of the most vibrant areas of the city.


The Poblenou neighborhood has become one of the most popular areas of Barcelona. The true Poblenou, a beachside town within a city that retains highly demanded characteristics such as tranquility, but at the same time its proximity to the center of Barcelona. On the other hand, the urban renewal stands out: the icon is the Torre Glòries by Jean Nouvel, who designed it inspired by Gaudí’s funicular calculations, but next to it other notable examples appear such as the case of Media-Tic, a building by Enric Ruiz-Geli or the Melià Barcelona Sky hotel, a slender skyscraper designed by Dominique Perrault. Investing in Barcelona and specifically in Poblenou is synonymous with having a vision of the future.

 Sant Martí:

 The Sant Martí neighborhood is an industrial and business area that has hosted one of the most important startup centers in Europe, the 22 @. The neighborhood combines industrial buildings that have been chosen as the headquarters of newly created companies with large blocks of flats. The area is well connected to the city center with metro, bus and TRAM lines. On the other hand, it has a growing restaurant and leisure sector. The floors that we can find are varied: from medium-sized apartments to design lofts set up in old small factories or disused and restored commercial premises. It is an area of Barcelona perfect for investment given the possibilities of expansion.

Les Corts:

 Les Corts district offers the tranquility and elegance of the upper area, while retaining a popular, rural feel. Located to the west of the city, between the municipalities of Sants and Sarrià, it is a neighborhood full of squares and authentic and unique spaces where you can enjoy the tranquility, such as Comas square, where the monument of the countryman Pau Farinetes gives a clue about the neighborhood’s agricultural past. Investing in Barcelona and especially in Les Corts is based on observing the potential of this city space, which offers tranquility, but also exploits leisure on its streets and the possibility of moving to the center in a matter of just a few minutes.


Sofía Francés | Deputy General Director



After the hardest weeks of confinement, it seems that normal is returning in our day to day. One of the good news comes from the construction and real estate sectors, as the sector has been reactivated and it is estimated that there are some 350 construction works underway in Spain. In the next article we are going to explain why it is a good idea investing in real estate.

As they have explained from the sector, this figure represents 100% of the total residential and thanks to the construction companies and professionals, the slowdown we have experienced is beginning to recover. Thus, we can affirm that, once the situation is over, it is once again a good time to invest in real estate in Spain as well as being a safe investment.


The Golden Visa Spain, investing in real estate

Through our investment residency program, we help you plan and manage your assets so that you get the maximum benefits. In the case of the Golden Visa Spain it is a program that grants you residence in exchange for a minimum investment of € 500,000 in the real estate sector.

It is a really beneficial program for you and your whole family, who can also benefit from the main advantages. You can also move freely throughout the Schengen area, as well as work in Spain and access the healthcare system.

Another advantage is that you can carry out all the management without leaving home. Our highly trained team helps you throughout the procedure without leaving your country of origin.

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Residence by investment or, what is the same, the Golden Visa is a program that grants residence in exchange for a minimum investment of money in the real estate market of the country in question. The investment varies depending on the country, Spain, Greece and Portugal and provides a large number of advantages for the investor, which may also vary depending on the program, and also his family.

Main advantages about de Golden Visa program

Freedom of movement throughout the Schengen area: with the residence, the international investor will be able to move freely throughout all European countries.

Regrouping the family: both the Golden Visa in Spain and Portugal allow the investor to regroup his entire family (wife, children under 18 or financially dependent). In the case of Greece, the wife, children under the age of 21, the investor’s parents and the parents-in-law are included.

Right to work: the Golden Visa Spain and Portugal grants the right to work on the investor’s own account or that of others. It does not happen in the case of Greece.

Access to the healthcare system: both the investor and their families will be able to access healthcare in the country in question completely free of charge.

– Access to the educational system: as we have previously commented, minors can benefit from most of the advantages of the Golden Visa and one of them is access to school for children and teenagers.

Good quality of life: Spain, Portugal and Greece are countries with an unbeatable quality of life. With a very pleasant Mediterranean climate, the three countries offer quality essential services at an affordable price.

Easy process: Another important advantage of the three Golden Visa programs is that they can be applied for and processed without leaving the country of origin.

Likewise, in the case of Spain and Greece, a minimum stay in the country is not required to have residence. In the case of Portugal, the international investor must be in the country a minimum of 7 days during the first year and 14 days thereafter.

At Orience International we help and advise you so that you can get the Golden Visa quickly and without leaving home.

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Last week, Fashion TV interviewed Christos Vergos, investment manager in Orience International and Summit Venture partners in Greece and real estate market expert, to know the main reasons to invest in Greece.

As Vergos explained,  Greece offers the most economic Golden Visa program in Europe and also is the heart of Europe where the western civilization began. Moreover, the climate, beaches, islands or the way of living, made the country a very attractive option for international investors. “It is the closest and easiest way for someone to get in Europe. All that features make us the number one in preference today”, Vergos said.

On the other hand, Orience International has an experienced of more than 10 years providing the permanent residence permits or the Golden Visa, which gave the company a huge knowledge on the field, experience and an international view about the market.  Summit Venture partners is an investment fund with extensive experience in the acquisition, reform, sale and rental of properties in Europe.

See here the interview and discover why you should invest in Greece:

Portugal, a transcontinental country located in the southwest of Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula. It limits to the east and north with Spain and to the south and west with the Atlantic Ocean. It also includes the autonomous archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira located in the northern hemisphere of the Atlantic Ocean. A country of great opportunities and, therefore, today we will talk about 4 faq’s about the Golden Visa Portugal.


  1. Golden Visa Portugal

 The Golden Visa program was launched by the Portuguese authorities in October 2012 and is a quick way for foreign investors from countries outside the European Union to obtain a valid permanent residence in Portugal, which also allows them to travel freely in most of the European countries (Schengen area).


  1. Main benefits of the program

The Golden Visa program aims to provide investors with the following benefits:

  • It is not necessary to obtain a visa to enter Portugal.
  • It is not necessary to obtain a visa to travel in Europe (Schengen area).
  • It is possible to live and work in Portugal, while maintaining residence in a different country.
  • The minimum stay periods are very low.
  • Permanent residence after 5 years.
  • Portuguese citizenship after 5 years.
  • Residence extended to the investor’s family.


  1. Requirements for obtaining the Golden Visa in Portugal

  • 280.000€ investment in real estate and rehabilitations in eligible properties with more than 30 year or located in rural aeras.
  • 350.000€ investment in real estate and rehabilitation in eligible properties with more than 30 years or located in urban areas.
  • The acquisition of a property with a value equal to or greater than € 500,000.
  • Create at least 10 jobs in Portugal.
  • Capital transfer of 1.000.000€

Only investments made after October 8, 2012 are considered.


  1. Requirements that the investor must meet

 A reduced number of requirements are presented by the investor. This program requires that the investor must comply with the general requirements applicable to all types of qualified investments and also for the specific needs of each type of investment.

All investors must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain the investment for a minimum period of five years.
  • Investment funds must come from abroad.
  • Entry into Portugal with a valid Schengen visa.
  • Absence of references in the Portuguese Immigration Service and in the services of the Schengen area.
  • Absence of a relevant criminal conviction.
  • Minimum stay in Portugal of seven days, during the first year and fourteen days in each subsequent period of two years.


The Golden Visa Portugal is one of the fastest plans to obtain residence for foreign investors, by acquiring assets within Portuguese territory.

At Orience International we will help you throughout the process to get your Golden Visa Portugal, contact us.