There are cases of countries in the world which capital is not the largest nor the most important city in the country economic-wise. Important countries in the world such as Canada, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and the United States falls into this category.

However, for most countries in the world, its capital continues to be the largest city in the country, which makes it easier for international investors to decide where to invest overseas. And this is also the case with Spain, such a relevant country in the world, and which capital, Madrid, is an important city in Europe.

This doesn’t mean that Madrid is the only good place to invest in real estate in Spain, but it’s one of the safest and best choices, as the importance of the capital is undeniable, as well as its population, which is the largest in the Iberian country. All of this puts Madrid as a great city to invest in.

Madrid real estate is in a good position right now

Spain was known as a real estate paradise until 2008, when there was a bubble burst, which made many investors panic, and overall, the construction sector, thriving up to that point, pretty much stopped, making unemployment rates raise and interest in real estate investment fall.

However, Spanish economy is slowly but steadily recovering, real estate prices are getting better, and Madrid is one of the best cities to buy real estate in Spain, as the capital, even with the constant development of cities like Barcelona, continues to be the most important financial city in Spain.

And right now, the position of Madrid for property investors is a very good one, with rental rates increasing, and with a great demand of houses. Also, real estate prices are overall increasing in Spain, and this is also the case in the capital, with the good news that there doesn’t seem to be signals of a new real estate bubble.

Advantages of investing in real estate in Madrid

Depending on your business or your goals when acquiring real estate properties in Spain, property investing in Madrid, may or may not be the absolute best option. But, Madrid is definitely one of the best options to invest in property in Spain, and here are some advantages of doing so:

  • Favorable rental rates

Madrid is a large city, and it is also the government seat, and a city where major Spanish companies continue to stablish their headquarters at. But compared to that, rental units don’t cover the capacity, making it great for generating passive income with real estate in Madrid.

  • Considerably cheaper to invest than in other European major cities

Many major cities in Europe (inside and outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland) are considerable expensive, some of them, such as London, Paris and Moscow, being among the most expensive. While Madrid keep offering great deals, and it is still possible to buy a luxurious house for a relatively low price.

  • A good place to make business

Overall, there are advantages on making the largest city of a country as your place to invest in. For some countries this means the capital, for others it doesn’t. For Spain, Madrid continues to be the most important economic center, and even if deciding to focus in Barcelona, another major economic center in Europe, having headquarters in Madrid is still a very positive move.

Investing in real estate is not a decision taken lightly, since it is highly influenced by the motivations of the investor to choose a city to invest in, and this is especially the case whenever the person wanting to buy real estate is considering doing it overseas.

When it comes to international real estate, or property investment out of one’s own region, city or state. In terms of choosing the right country to invest in, many options can be taken into account, as each offer unique opportunities, but Spain, the Mediterranean country, has been an important center of real estate.

And for investment property in Spain, the opportunities are also considerable; since the country has many important regions with its autonomous communities. However, Barcelona has continuously been in the eyes of the world, because of its mix of beautiful cosmopolitan city, and an important European economic center.

What does Barcelona offer than Madrid doesn’t?

As with many other countries in the world, when thinking about Spain, but especially when thinking about investing in real estate in Spain, one would probably first consider Madrid, the capital and most important city in the country.

Of course, soon after researching, one usually find out that Spain is much more than only its capital, and that Barcelona, the second city in Spain, is an exciting opportunity for investors, thanks to factors as its history of economic thriving, its highly qualified workforce, and of course, the price of housing.

Barcelona is the second city in Spain by population and because it is not the seat of Spanish government. But, seen from a European perspective, Barcelona is one of the most important cities, as it receives millions of visitors wanting to see the amazing heritage of the Catalan architect Gaudi, and find the cultural offer of the Mediterranean city.

But, on a real estate standpoint, Barcelona has been projected to be one of the best places to invest in real estate in Spain, thanks to factors such as it importance in tourism. Also, now that Spain is recovering, more people are finding jobs, and the Catalan capital is an important economic center of the region.

Pros of buying real estate in Barcelona

Investing in real estate in Barcelona is a very good opportunity right now, and it is worth mentioning a few of the advantages of investing property in Barcelona:

  • Spain has been recovering from the crisis

The difficult crisis that attacked Spain in 2008 is finally over, or at the very least, Spain is in a much better position now. And one of the things that was attractive in the pre-crisis Spain, was the value of real estate.

Real estate in Spain is getting value once again, and Barcelona still have very good deals from the real estate boom in 2007 which will probably continue to appreciate.

  • Barcelona is an important city for tourism in the world

The industry of tourism is a very important one, either if directly doing business with tourism, or taking advantage of the opportunity of getting millions of visitors yearly, Barcelona is a great place to do business that require many clients to thrive.

  • Favorable location for leisure and business

Pleasure and work are often seen as not mixable, but this is not necessarily the case, and investors in Barcelona love the fact that the Catalan capital is such a good place for both, having a great time, and for making serious business. And this is also a good reason for why investing in real estate in Barcelona is a good choice.

  • Success cases of foreign investment

The second largest city in Spain has always been an attractive city to stablish businesses at, thanks to a mix of a great location, highly qualified workforce, and a sense of entrepreneurialship in Catalans; which have made many foreign investors happy.

When we think about the best places to visit around the world, many variables apply. Some are looking for the best beaches, the sunniest weather and the best night lives. While others look for richness in history and a rich cultural heritage.

Others however, are not exactly looking for the best destination to travel to have fun and a rich learning experience. International investors are looking for the best cities in the world to generate a good ROI (Return on Investment), and Greece has become surprisingly attractive for investors.

The capital of Greece or the Hellenic Republic, Athens, is still struggling after the tough economic crisis that attacked the Eurozone in 2008, and Greece was one of the most affected countries. However, prices in the Hellenic capital seem to be a good selling point for investors.

Greece for real estate investment

Among the countries more hardly affected by the Eurozone crisis of 2008, Spain has started showing signs of a recovery. Greece, however, seems to still have some path to go through ahead before it finally can be considered out of the crisis and thriving.

But this doesn’t mean that investing in Greek real estate is a bad idea. Actually, despite the economy, Greece has been an important center for tourists from all around the world, especially in the most touristic places in Greece, such as Mykonos and Santorini.

What about Athens? The Greece capital, and one of the cities that helped to shape the entire western culture, is still struggling, but it offers certain advantages to investors, which makes investing in Athens real estate a viable option if the opportunities are taken wisely.

First of all, as Spain, Portugal and Latvia has been doing; Greece is also looking to stimulate international investment by offering a Golden Visa. But as opposed to the Iberian countries, an investor is able to obtain a Golden Visa  for a much lower price of at least €250,000, half the minimum for Portugal and Spain.

Are there risks when investing in Athens real estate?

Investing in real estate in Athens, Greece, might be considered a bit of a high risk investment, since Greece economy is still slowly recovering, and there are other places in the Hellenic Country with most possibilities such as the hotel sector.

However, Athens continues to be the capital and largest city in Greece, and therefore, people will continue to choose the city for making business and for rent. Also, the prices of real estate in Athens are considerably lower, which makes it cheaper to get a Golden Visa in Greek.

In regards to Greek economy, even though the economy is still below ideal, it’s slowly getting stable, and from there, it should start raising within a few years, making its capital, Athens, one of the most positively affected places in the country.

Even if there might be some risk for international investors in Athens, real estate investment continues to be a safer market, and more tourists are getting interested on visiting one of the most important historical cities in the western world. There’s also a potential growth in property prices in Athens, which makes it exciting to buy real estate in Athens now, while it’s still one of the cheapest places to get a property right now.

If though carefully, considering the variables, and making a safe purchase, investing the Athens could potentially yield good results.

Chinese people have always been recognized for their work ethics and family loyalty, two characteristics that are well-received wherever they go to, and that have made them thrive, even in places where the outlook, economically-wise, is not the best.

This is why Spain has been opening its doors to Chinese expats willing to invest in the Iberian country, and bring their culture and what they have to offer, to help diversify the economy, as well as bringing new business opportunities.

Since a few years ago, many countries, including countries in the EU (European Union) have been offering Golden Visa programs to people from other nations who invest a certain amount in properties or real estate; and Spain has proven to be a valuable option for Chinese investors.

The state of Chinese residents in Spain

In Spain there exist a considerable amount of Chinese residents in different conditions, but many in a stable one. This is especially true for those who have decided to invest in real estate in the country to obtain a Golden Visa, as part of the program from Spain to encourage international investment.

The reasons for Chinese citizens to invest in the European country enough to obtain a stable residency are many, but one is definitely the fact that Spain is a welcoming country, with a varied community of expats, and a relaxed attitude.

Of course, there are also laws and regulations to make sure that residents from China in Spain can have the best experience, and to go hand by hand with the norms, as well as to avoid misunderstandings regarding taxes, for Chinese investors to have a smooth time living and working in Europe.

Laws for Chinese residents in Spain

The Spanish laws for residents in the country apply for residents from any country not belonging to the European Union, and therefore, these are the laws that apply for Chinese residents who have obtained their permit, either by applying for a visa, or by obtaining a Golden Visa for investment.

However, Chinese or people from any country out of the EU/EEA and Switzerland residents in Spain, and especially those considering investing more than €500.000 in real estate, or one of the other valid investments to apply for a Golden Visa in Spain, should be aware of a few details regarding what their permit offers them.

First, when the investor has applied and received a favorable response, that is, the person is granted with an investor visa, she/he will be able to live in Spain for up to one (1) year. After this period has expired, the investor is able to apply for a Resident Visa.

The Resident Visa allows the person to stay for up to two (2) years in Spain and is renewable, always that the person can still be able to demonstrate their initial investment.

Another thing Chinese residents in Spain, as well as residents from other countries should know, is that, by applying for a Golden Visa, the investor can also request a visa for her/his family, that is: Spouse, children (either under age, or 18 years old or older who still depend economically on the investor), investor’s parents and spouse parent’s.

A Golden Visa is very attractive for Chinese investors since it offers a lot of flexibility for the investor and family, who will be able to live, study and work in Spain, travel freely across the EU and obtain important documentation.

Finally, in order to keep the residence and be eligible for a Resident Visa, the investor only have to visit Spain once during the year, and is not required to stay for a fixed amount of time; which brings even more flexibility.

Buying and holding real estate, as well as other ways of real estate investment have been one for the safest and most profitable ways for investors to generate a stable income, to increase the investment by holding the property enough, and it can also represent an excellent tax advantage.

Many investors decide to acquire real estate in their home countries, which might be a good idea, especially for those just considering getting started with real estate investment; since they might know their own market better, and the risk would be very low.

However, real estate is one of the best ways of starting with international investments, and even get especial permits to reside in different countries, thanks to programs such as the Golden Visa, which has proven to be very attractive and valuable for international investors.

Why to invest in real estate in Spain?

Either if you are considering investment in real estate for the first time, or you are seasoned in the real estate business; if you are evaluating the possibilities that each country has to offer in terms of real estate, then Spain should definitely be taken into consideration.

This Iberian country, always taken into account when it comes to traveling and visiting, is also an exciting place to invest on this year, as the country has been able to come out of a hard situation, and the outlook seems to be positive, and of continuous improvement, including real estate opportunities.

One of the best reasons for considering investing in real estate in Spain, is that it’s a very varied country, with a rich culture, and in terms of acquiring properties, it offers many good reasons to do so. Some people want to enjoy the sunny days of Spain, while others are interested in a good ROI (Return on Investment).

Advice for investors considering Spanish real estate

The outlook of Spain within the next few years is quite positive, as the country has recovered from a crisis, and last year real estate reached very attractive prices, with a good projection.

This turns Spain into an excellent place to invest on real estate, but you should still consider the following tips before deciding to invest in Spain in real estate:

  • Evaluate the best communities for acquiring real estate

Spain is divided in communities, which is their version of states, and the economy of some communities is better than others, and therefore, the outlook on real estate for some of these is more positive than others.

If you don’t have a clear idea of which communities you should pay special attention to, then consider the following communities: Madrid, Balearic Island, Catalonia, Vasque Country, Canary Islands, Navarra and Seville. As these are some of the most populated communities in Spain, and their economy is on a good time.

  • Consider the opportunity of a Golden Visa

Not everybody is interested on relocating and starting a new life in a different country by buying real estate. However, Spain is striving to attract international investments by offering a Golden Visa.

This is a residency permit that international investors outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland can obtain if, among other ways, invest more than €500,000 in real estate, and this has definitely worked, as this offers an easy way to being able to freely reside in Spain and bypass a lot of the processes that one would normally have to do.

  • Determine your goals on acquiring real estate

Depending on what you would like to accomplish by buying a property in Spain, the community you would invest in, and which city you should invest would vary. That is, if your interest is having a second home to retire or to go on vacations with a family, is different from wanting to stablish in Spain, or apply a buy and hold strategy.

  • Lower the risk by getting informed

The outlook of Spanish economy and real estate are very positive, but you should still get properly informed, so that you take the safest decision, especially if you goal is to generate a stable income or to get a good ROI.

For this, you can get consultancy from a real estate agency specialized on investments in Spain and other countries of the EU; to help you make the best investment for your money.

For people considering investing in Spain, as well as those people either thinking about stablishing in Spain or still fairly new in the country, either holding a visa or not; being aware of the Spanish taxes you must pay is vital for your life and for your business.

Taxation is not an easy thing, as there might be many nuances to take into account in order to make a proper calculation on which taxes one has to pay. For this reason, many people choose to hire a Spanish taxes advisor or lawyer, to ease this task a bit.

Hiring or not a professional of Spanish taxation, it’s a good idea to at least understand the basics of taxes for expats in Spain and investors considering expanding to Spain or buying investment property there. And luckily, it is not hard to understand the basics of taxes.

How to determine which taxes apply to you?

The first thing to learn, is to be able to determine whether you apply as a tax resident, which applies regardless of whether you hold a Spanish residency permit or not. You are a tax resident if you fall into at least one of the following cases:

  1. You have been in Spain for more than 183 days (don’t have to be continuous) within a single year (from January to December)
  2. Your family (spouse, children) or your business are in Spain
  3. Your main professional activities, either as an employer or as a freelancer, are conducted in Spain

For those who don’t qualify as Spanish tax residents, there’s a tax called Spanish income tax, for which the expat or investor must only pay a fixed rate of 25% of the gross income generated in Spain, and not worldwide.

Tax residents however, must pay an income tax for their worldwide income, and rates in this category are progressive, depending on the amount earned, which goes from €12,450 at 19%, up to more than €60,000 at 45%. Certain differences may also apply for rates in different regions in Spain.

The Spanish wealth tax is another tax that people, especially those investing in Spain, must be aware of. This applies for those whose worldwide assets are greater than €700,000. And there’s an extra allowance of €300,000 for residents of Spain. That is, for residents, only those who have €1,000,000 in assets worldwide must pay this tax.

Advice on Spanish taxation

These are the basic taxes any expat or investor in Spain should be aware of, as they comprise the basics of the Spanish taxation system for those who are not Spanish citizens, but for whom Spain holds significance.

Taxes can be complicated, and it’s also the case with Spanish taxes for expats and international investors. For this reason, it is a good idea to receive tax advice from professionals of taxes in Spain or abroad.

Being clear about how much you will have to pay after the Spanish taxation year is a key part of successfully investing in Spain or having a good experience in the country as an expat; and can save you from many headaches later.

When it comes to making money, there always seem to be a roof that is hard to overcome when we are making a living with a full-time job, or a small to medium size business, which generates as much or just slightly more than what a well-paying job would, but no more.

This is why many people, business owners and those who have saved a considerable amount through hard work and creative entrepreneurship often decide to invest in real estate; which offers less risks than other investments, and the possibility of generating a stable passive income, or multiplying the initial investment by applying the buy-and-hold investment property strategy.

This is the main reason for Spain becoming an attractive place for real estate investment in Europe and the rest of the world. Now that Spanish economy is back in the right track, renting prices are increasing, but there are still many low-price houses to invest in.

What should I know about real estate investment in Spain?

Even if there are no high risks involved with investing in Spanish real estate right now; it’s still a good idea to have things quite clear in regards to real estate investment in the country, so that you can get the best ROI (Return on Investment).

Before buying real estate in Spain, it’s worth it considering the following factors that involves buying investment property in this Mediterranean country:

  • Spain is recovering from a financial crisis

In 2008, Spanish economy was seriously affected by a financial crisis that also affected other countries in Europe, and made people take Spain out of their lists of countries to buy real estate in.

However, the economy in Spain is feeling more and more as the pre-crisis period, which is a great relief, and programs such as the Spanish Golden Visa are thriving and attracting international investors, jobs are starting to appear, and real estate is an important market once again.

  • Real estate and renting prices are increasing

Before the crisis, real estate in Spanish was a dream for investors. Prices were skyrocketed, rents were high; until crisis attacked and the bubble burst happened, leaving constructions unfinished, and turning luxurious residential complexes into a group of non-profitable houses.

But as the economy gets better, so does real estate in Spain, and there doesn’t signs of another case of another real estate bubble, which brings some peace of mind to international investors.

Rents are also increasing, which makes it a good time for property owners in Spain to generate passive income by renting their property.

  • Taxes are still lower than in other European countries

When initially understanding the Spanish taxation system, it might seem intimidating and to high. However, if compare to other European countries, taxes in Spain are still lower than other countries, which is a fundamental aspect to take into account if looking to buy-and-hold a property.

  • There’s not a single best city to invest in

Spanish is a very varied country, with a very dynamic lifestyle, and surprisingly different geographies across the country. And these also makes it more varied in terms of which city it is better to buy and hold investment property in.

The right answer may vary, but some of the best Spanish cities to invest in are: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga y Las Palmas (Canary Islands). Your final decision could vary, but this is a good starting point looking to obtain a good ROI from an investment property.

Spain is one of the countries which receive the greatest amount of people from other countries, either for tourism, and as expats. And Chinese people make up a very important and well-stablished community of immigrants in Spain, with a considerably long history.

One thing that has characterized Chinese residents in Spain is their capacity to thrive, even in the darkest moments of Spanish and EU’s (European Union) economy; and even with the highest unemployment rates, the Chinese immigrants have been able to preserve their jobs and create their own businesses.

However, Spain is not only an attractive country for Chinese people interested to move looking for new opportunities in the Mediterranean country. It has also become increasingly attractive for Chinese investors, especially thanks to the opportunity for obtaining a Golden Visa.

What is the Spanish Golden Visa?

When looking to invest overseas, many factors are taking to account in order to decide for the best country, that is, the one that offers the investor the best ROI (Return on Investment). But they may also be looking for one that brings them the greatest opportunities to reside in the country.

And when it comes to facilities to invest and reside, Spain is one of the countries that excel, thanks to their opportunity to obtain a Golden Visa, that is, a residence permit oriented to investors for a fair invest, and Chinese investors have been very interested on this.

To obtain this visa, the investor must: Buy a property (real estate) for a value greater than €500000, €1000000 Spanish bank deposits, investment funds or shares or equities on companies with real business activity, or at least €2000000 of investment in Spanish public debt.

After the necessary investment, the investor is able to apply for a Golden Visa, and after obtaining it and doing the necessary documentation, she/he is able to reside in Spain for up to one year, and after this period, is able to obtain a renewable Resident Visa to stay for up to two years.

What should you know before investing in Spain?

Spain has become a very attractive country for Chinese investors to buy real estate, especially thanks to the possibility of obtaining a Golden Visa. However, it’s worth it considering a few points before taking the decision of investing in Spain.

  • The country has gone through an economic crisis

In 2008, Spain was hit by a tough crisis, which increased the unemployment rate, and the price of real estate, so high and attractive before, fell considerably, causing concern among investors. Luckily though, Spain has been finally getting out from the crisis, and the price of real estate is back to that of the pre-crisis.

However, some Chinese investors might want to wait some time before deciding if invest in real estate in Spain. The outlook is positive though, so right now might be a good time for investing in Spain.

  • The price of real estate is recovering

After the so called Spanish real estate bubble burst in 2008, the situation is finally getting better, and properties in places like Barcelona are very valuable right now, making it very attractive for investors actually looking to either create passive income, or to buy-and-hold the property.

It could be the case that some Chinese investors could want to be sure that there won’t be yet another bubble burst, but there are good signs, such as banks being much more aware, that real estate value will grow with no risk.

Overall, it’s worth taking into account that Spain is finally out of a crisis that skyrocketed unemployment rates, and now that things are getting better, and being the country as attractive and beautiful as it has always been; some people are attracted to invest right away, while others have decided to wait for a big before taking the decision of making investments in Spain.

For investors, there gets a time when the idea of starting to expand the investments by buying a property overseas or creating a business in a different country starts to appear, because diversifying the income, and having easy access to Europe and other places is always a great advantage.

Among the countries that attract the most international investors, Spain has been gaining popularity, especially thanks to its Golden Visa program, which bypasses the barriers and difficulties of obtaining a proper residency visa in Spain or the other countries that offer the program.

One thing that results very attractive of Spain, is that it’s a country of relevance, which is now recovering from a crisis, and Spanish real estate prices are increasing, making renting a good business. And Madrid, the Spanish capital, is still one of the best cities in Spain to invest in.

Why to invest in Madrid?

As opposed to other countries, where only the capital is relevant for international investors; Spain has several cities that are very important for the country and for Europe. This is a good thing, because it gives us more options, but could also makes it hard to make a decision.

However, Madrid continues to be a great option to invest in Spain, and these are some for the reasons for this:

  • It’s a large city in Europe

The city of Madrid is the sixth largest city in Europe by population, while the metropolitan area of Madrid is in between the 3rd or 4th place. Yet, Madrid has a considerably lower population, making it less overwhelming than cities like London or Istanbul.

  • Real estate prices are lower than other cities

Even after the bubble burst in 2008, now that Spain is recovering from the crisis, and economy seems to be on the good track, so Spanish real estate does, and in Madrid, prices are considerably lower than other important European cities such as London or Paris, making it much more affordable, and still giving the possibilities of investing in an important city.

Things to consider when investing in Madrid from a long distance

For those considering investing in Madrid from a long distance, especially those who are not from Europe. There are good things to take into account when investing in real estate or other investments in Madrid from a long distance.

  • Learn about the Spanish tax system

Taxes in Spain are lower than in other European countries, but at first, understanding the taxation system of a foreign country might be complex or intimidating.

Spanish tax system has its own set of nuances, but the most important thing is to learn how to determine whether you are a tax resident or not. And in case of doubt or uncertainty, you can always get advice from a Spanish tax professional.

  • Consider hiring a property manager

There exist agencies of professional property managers or individuals, whether you know them already and they are willing to relocate, or you may find online, willing to take care of your property in Madrid from a long distance.

A property manager will help you with the tasks otherwise you would have to do yourself, and you can stay in touch with them online without travelling to Madrid. Their rates tend to be low as they work with quantities, but for a more personalized property management, you could have to pay more.

  • Be willing to travel to Madrid at least once per year

With technology and a property manager, you can manage your investment in Madrid from a long distance. However, it’s probably still a good idea to travel for at least a couple days to Madrid to experience firsthand how things are going with your property in Madrid. And it’s a good excuse to spend some days in this charming city.

Investing in a foreign country might be seem as risky for many, and as an exciting opportunity to grow for others, and this largely depend on where is the investor from, and where does the person wanting to invest will finally destine her/his money.

There where to invest question has the often undesirable answer of it depends. However, there are many indicators on where it is best to invest, and Spain has become a well-regarded country when it comes to international investment.

Spanish economy is finally recovering, and it will hopefully continue to thrive within the years, and continue to be within the top 15 of most important economies in the world. Therefore, investing in Spain is still a great opportunity, as many sectors, such as real estate, are very valuable.

What to invest in Spain?

Spain can be seen as a diverse country when it comes to economy, especially based on services, and industries such as the mobile continue to be of worldwide importance. This makes it hard at first to decide what sector to invest in Spain.

However, there are three (3) thriving sectors in Spain to invest in, that should be of low risk and to generate a good ROI. These sectors are:

  • Real estate and investment property

Before the bubble burst and the start of the economic crisis that attacked Spain in 2008, real estate in Spain was a trend. Prices growing at impressive rates made many investors invest in real estate in Spain, and then panic as the crisis came.

However, now that things seem to be getting back to normal, and there’s a positive outlook in Spanish economy, prices of real estate in Spain are also recovering, and the best thing is that there doesn’t seem to be signs of another bubble burst.

Some of the most important cities in the country are also very densely populated, which increases the demand of people looking for housing, and causes rental prices to grow, making it a good opportunity for generating passive income.

  • Tourism

Spain is hot, both, because its weather is one of the best in Europe and the world, with many sunny days, and colder temperatures closer to the mountains. Overall, Spain has a rich culture and tradition, with influential figures in the arts, great food, and beautiful people.

This makes some cities in Spain to hit high numbers of tourists each year, with Barcelona being one of the most popular cities for tourists, but not leaving other places like the capital, Madrid, and the iconic island of Ibiza out.

Investing in tourism in Spain, if done carefully, can yield excellent results. Even combining investing property with tourism can lead to a healthy income by renting a good house near to touristic centers. Other industries widely benefitted by tourism can also yield positive results.

  • Services and tech

The entrepreneurial mindset and culture hasn’t passed Spain by, but it has stay in there. Cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are important startup hubs in Europe and worldwide, due to benefits such as considerably lower real estate prices, good quality of life and a very qualified workforce.

The fact that unemployment rate in Spain is still high, not only has affected its youth negatively, but it has also made them look forward, learn English as a second language and be creative, thriving in the service industry, the most important economic sector in Spain.


If considering what cities to invest in Spain, it’s capital Madrid is of course a major center, but Barcelona is also a hugely important city in the world; while cities such as Bilbao, Mallorca and Malaga also have a very good quality of life, and opportunities continue to appear.