Greece is one of the countries of the European Union that has best managed the coronavirus crisis, with numbers of infected and dead well below the average in other countries. But, what has been the key to success? Here are the main reasons, according to the Greek political scientist Takis Spappas.

1– Executive model: As Spappas argues, Greece has a centralized state that facilitates rapid decision-making. On the contrary, in those more decentralized states it has cost more to make decisions and implement the necessary measures.

2- Parties in the power: It is easier to manage a crisis of this type with a government formed by a single party in command than a coalition government where there may be more disagreements.

3- Quick decision-making and efficient management: With the first cases of coronavirus in the country, the Greek President, Kyriakros Mitsotakis acted and ordered to close schools, public institutions, churches, restaurants, theaters and confined the population.

More specifically, on February 26 the first citizen with coronavirus was detected, and it was the same day when the government canceled all the carnival streets and prohibited all school outings. It was March 10, with 89 infected, when Mitsotakis forced the majority of businesses, schools and universities to close. On March 12, with the first death, the Greek government decided to close everything except supermarkets and pharmacies. The result of efficient management is that, today, 108 dead and 2,224 infected.

4- Health system: Faced with the threat of a pandemic, the government hired more than 3,000 workers in the health sector. Likewise, ICU beds were adapted, going from 565 beds to 997.

5- Exemplary citizenship: Another element to take into account is the discipline and obedience of the Greek citizens, who have faithfully maintained the confinement and the measures taken by their government. 

Greece, destination for international investors

In recent years, Greece has positioned itself as a very attractive country to reside and work. With an excellent quality of life and a pleasant climate and bustling cities steeped in history, it is an excellent country to invest in. Greece has the most affordable Golden Visa investment program in all of Europe. At Orience International we help you throughout the investment process and advise you with residency and citizenship programs.

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Empresa Exterior, an online journal about Spain’s foreign business, has interviewed our CEO, Oriol Molas, with the aim of knowing how the coronavirus crisis is affecting foreign investment, especially within the real estate sector.

Likewise, Molas has explained the need to have a plan B in crisis situations and how Orience International is helping their clients.

Among the most important points of the interview are:

  • Investments that appeared to be underway have not been canceled
  • We keep in daily contact with our clients to help them at all times
  • In situations such as the current one, the need to have a plan B would, citizenship or residence in another country, is highlighted
  • With the Covid-19 crisis, the international investor with multiple residences and / or citizenships has been able to decide where to spend this time
  • The crisis will pass and those characteristics that made an attractive market last over time

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Immersed in the global crisis of the coronavirus, the experts of Orience International tell us the importance and advantages of having an alternative plan during crisis situations such as the current one.

First of all, when we talk about a plan B or alternative plan, we refer to the fact of having a residence abroad and/or possessing a residence permit or citizenship in another country.

As detailed by Oriol Molas, CEO of Orience International, “a global citizen must take into account different scenarios and plan well each and every one of his decisions”. In cases like the current one, having a plan B gives us more freedom: having a residence in another country gives you the freedom to choose under crisis situations. It also gives you “economic, political and social independence from your country of origin”, he explained.

In relation to the above, having a plan B or alternative is synonymous with greater tranquility and calm, what it means that in the face of an adverse situation, you have the assurance that you and your family are on a more stable stage. Most programs also allow you to obtain residency and citizenship for your family members, including child, as well as direct family members such as the spouse or parents.

The importance of planning

However, it is not necessary to arrive at crisis situations in order to evaluate and think about the options of acquiring a residence in another country. As citizens of the world, we must take into account the advantages of this option and seek professional advice to guide us and help us to make the best decision.

The professionals of Orience International are at your side to find the best solution for you and your family, and accompany you through all phases of the investment project, offering personalized and tailor-made attention. With a highly trained and multicultural team we empathize with you and guide you to take the best decision.