golden visa europe

Europe’s long history and culture is probably only comparable with its relevance to the rest of the world. This the why what happens in Europe, especially in terms of its economy, can affect the global market, and change the way people invest.

One of the key factors for Europe’s long history of success, even in the darkest moments of its economy, is a unified country, a stable democracy in most of its countries and good economic practices, with some of the richest countries in the world.

All of this turns Europe into a very attractive place for investors to stablish part or all of their businesses in the continent, and being able to get a residency in one country belonging the EU/EEA, also opens the possibility of more easily doing businesses with the rest of this important economic and political area.

Why is it worth investing in Europe to get a Golden Visa?

However, for investors outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland, it might be a bit steeper to be able to get into the important market of Europe. And even for people not interested in doing business, the idea of being able to reside in Europe is still a highly attractive one.

This is a fact that many European countries knew, and have started taking advantage of this by offering the Golden Visa Europe Program. A program that some countries around the world are using to encourage international investment, and for countries in Europe, it has been giving very good results.

In order to obtain a Golden Visa in Europe, the basic requirement is to invest a certain amount of money (mostly an amount above the €250,000), but the exact minimum amount, and the type of investments applicable vary.

What European countries are offering Golden Visa programs?

Some of the most popular programs in Europe are:

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Malta
  • Cyprus
  • Latvia

From these, Portugal, Spain and Greece have been attracting a good amount of international investors, thanks to a mix of global importance, good deals in real estate and current economic outlook of the country.

Portugal is the most popular country in terms of their Golden Visa Program, and Spain accommodates in a second place, with the advantage of low prices in its major cities for a high quality house.

To have a clearer idea, Portugal and Spain offer a Golden Visa to investors outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland for buying a property for a minimum of €500,000, or other alternative investments, being real estate the most popular and viable option.

While Greece, a country which is still considerably affected by the Eurozone crisis, offers much lower prices in properties, as well as a lower starter price to acquire their Golden Visa, with a minimum investment of more than €250,000 in real estate; half the price it would cost to get a Golden Visa in the most popular programs.

One thing that is worth considering is that, even if some countries have a brighter economic panorama than others; being able to freely reside in a country in the EU is already an excellent gateway to start doing business in such an important continent, earn a passive income, or retire.